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Islamic council: 'Death penalty for corrupt persons'
Published on 19 Augustus 2010 12:07
A head of the Islamic Council of Scholars (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, or MUI), K.H. Effendi Yusuf, supports earlier words that corrupt persons should be allowed to receive a death penalty for their actions in certain cases. The organization that decides what is and what is not halal in Indonesia, is now tagging a large number of people in the country without much hesitation.
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Corruption is so rampant that unless an effective deterrent is in place it can't be eradicated. But death penalty as penalty? Hmm, I think that is far-fetched.

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Thats what I call a brainfart.

It's only kinky the first time.

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On 20-08-2010 02:48 oyibo wrote:
Thats what I call a brainfart.

Many of them during this holy month of Ramadan, even more than the rest of the year. Emoticon: Party!

Ho Lee Fuk

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During Ramadhan everybody is eager looking for šextraš money because they need to pay the family gifts during Lebaran. So, in the month Ramadhan corruption, robbery and theft are unfortunately more rampant than the rest of the year. A complete contradiction with what the religion is teaching but it is reality.
Death penalty is a heavy punishment because corruption is already imbedded in the culture. That means a complete overall cultural change (or execute more than half of the population).

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