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Looking back at the aid relief for Haiti, one is able to access that Europe has missed chances to show its technological disaster possibilities again , like the Tsunami disaster that struck vast parts of South-East Asia, including the Indonesian region.
Whilst Europe itself has possibilities and specialities that a nearby industrial country like the U.S.A. is lacking.

I give two examples of European technology:

  • Air-ship technology

  • the consept Italian architect mr. Bini had developed to errect fastly (a) round concrete structure(s).

    In Europe two countries are well-known already and had a tradition air-ship technology:

  • Great Britain and

  • Germany.

    - But a famous advanced design is made by the British, called 'Sky Cat' .

    - The construction of Italian architect mr. Bini consist of a wetty concrete solution on a round 'sort of balloon', when 'pumped up' you get a round concrete construction; of course it had to be dry, to stay in shape ..... emtying the balloon one is able to realise more structures when needed .....

    The advantages of these two technologies are enormous .

  • Air-ships are usable as a very mobile coordination center.

  • Mounted with cranes or a huge crane one is able to move big obstacles on the spot, no roads need to be built firstly ..... like with the Tsunami disaster and recently in Haiti ....
    Of course also usable for cargo lifting of goods like:

  • food

  • medications.

    The round concrete consept of mr. Bini is usable as:

  • storing facility,

  • occasional housing facility,

  • hospital facility.

    ' .... there is one certainty big disasters like the Tsunami or recently in Haiti, will not be the last ones ..... so why not act, if we human beings are that intelligent as we are claiming to be .....'

  • 'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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