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Naik ojek 'haram'. Who cares?
Published on 20 January 2010 01:46
A religious decree banning the use of ojek (motorcycle 'taxi') from the FMP3, which stands for for the name of a group of religious Islamic schools in East Java province, is completely ignored by the normal people in the Indonesian society. They see the use of ojek as a quick way to get anywhere when traffic is clogging up again and you just need to be somewhere soon.
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.....away from the capital Jakarta. A religious decree issued by organizations has no legal base in Indonesia, where most people don't keep themselves too busy with religious stupidities like declaring the use of ojek haram.

Such stupid religious decrees however are a good indication how far those so-called ulama (Islamic scholars) are away from the real world in Indonesia......... All they can do is issuing stupid religious decrees to keep themselves in the picture it seems.
What can you expect from a religion with all kinds of stupids religious zealots, airheads and power abusers as leaders. It is time for a real reform, renewal and change of the losers and abusers who call themselves religious leaders.
Wilders called islam dangerous during his trial; I would not go that far but consider the current position of Islam as very pathetic. Moslims stand up and do something about it.... Your religion is hijacked and held hostage by a bunch of ancient and backward idiots who don't care about the religion at all but purely out of lust for power......

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