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Dozens of prostitutes arrested in Pangandaran
Published on 07 January 2010 09:40
As much as 23 prostitutes have been netted in a police raid in the area of Pangandaran in the district of Ciamis in West Java province early this morning. Police also reported some chasing around as some of the sexworkers did not want to just sit down and be arrested. Civil police Satpol PP brought a nightly visit to a number of cafe's and night spots in the area of Pasar Wisata, which is a well-known place for prostitution.
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This is already so long going far as I can remember (and that is almost 30 years).....not only Pangandaran but also Anyer, Pelabuhan Ratu, Samas, Parangtritis, Pasir Putih.
Hay preachers...!!! Leave these girls alone......... just another brick in the wall.

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And then the policemen take advantage of those girls, usually by touching their tits and vagina, but sometimes they rape the girls.

This has been going on since 1983, when I first arrived in Indonesia, and according to my friends who have been living here for 50 years, this is nothing new.

It is impossible to legislate virtue.

John Calvin (10 July 1509 27 May 1564) has tried it, but failed. John Calvin had no love, compassion, patience or tolerance for those who did not believe his way of interpreting the Bible. Criticism of Calvin was considered heresy for which the sentence was death by burning at the stake.

And yet, time and again, muslims have tried to legislate virtue, using fatwa to impress the people.

In order to gain sympathy from the common kampung people (all muslims), the police proceeds with the rounding up of all prostitutes - later released and forced to pay even more money to their pimps (by pimps I mean the policemen)

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Pangandaran is a nice area though. Spent there a week last summer with my wife and kids, together with some more friends from the Netherlands. Had a (very) good time.

Begin de details te vergeten

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