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Uh oh, Australian arrested with two grams of marijuana
Published on 29 December 2009 04:38
An Australian dad, Robert Paul McJannett (48) who flew to Bali with his 21-year-old son yesterday evening, has been arrested for possession of illegal drugs. This case however does not seem to be the standard smuggling case, but just 'bringing along personal belongings', since Robert Paul only brought two grams of marijuana.
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fred uk
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What a silly sausage.
It is a sad sod that can't do without a bit of weed for a couple of weeks while on holiday.
I suppose he is likely to get a far longer holiday than he intended but the only bars he will see are not what he had in mind.
I wonder how long he will get for that daft stunt. He deserves it for his stupidity.

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On 31-12-2009 16:50 fred uk wrote: he is likely to get a far longer holiday than he intended but the only bars he will see are not what he had in mind.

Well, you may be mistaken here. There's a special prison for foreigners in Bali most inmates don't really want to leave. Even back in the 1980's, there was a case of a Dutch prisoner my then-father-in-law as a diplomat was supposed to get out of jail. The guy refused. He was having the time of his life. Wake up in jail, have breakfast with the prison director, spend some time at the beach, return to prison for diner, go to the bar, back to the cell (luxurious). Google for Aussie inmates, and you'll see the same picture in 2009 (52 minutes to go).

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anyways it's very stupid to get caught with a lousy 2 grams, especially if you know that you can easily get any kind of drugs anywhere in bali, so you shouldn't bring that through an airport where you can get checked and x-rayed...

User icon of alterity
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stupid, so stupid. But he may have been taking it for medical reasons, we don't know.

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