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After 3 weeks travelling in Indonesia, my bag was cut by an indonesisian on my way to Medan.

I took the public bus at Parapat to Medan . The driver assistant asks me to put my bag behind the last row where I was sitting. At one stop around 60 Indonesians get on the bus. The bus was full. One teenager took the room near my bag. 16 years old well dressed. Looking at him, I wouldnít have any worries concerning my bag.

During the journey, every 5 minutes, I had a look on my bag. But having a look wasnít enough. When I arrive in Medan I got back my bag I found 4 deep cuts on it. (30 cm, 20cm, 25 cm, 2cm).

I had bought this bag 2 weeks ago because the bag I brought from France fell apart. I decided to buy something expensive (Delsey) I could use at least during 10 years. But I made a mistake travelling in Indonesia with a new brand luggage. The Indonesian cut my bag either to steal stuff inside or just by jalousie. Considering this bag was a provocation. The bag was new and already in Java an Indonesian tried to steal it. But in Java I had my bag near me and had a permanent look on it.

I was ďextra careful ď, but as the bus was crowed I couldnít keep my bag near me. My bag was just behind me. I couldnít imagine that this teenager was cutting my bag in pieces in silence. This is the mistake I made. He couldnít steal anything as I was checking by bag every 5 minutes so he cut my bag.

I couldnít imagine he was cutting my bag because 2 days before on my way to Toba, in the bus, I met a group of students going to university near Parapat. 7 of them were around me and we spoke during 1 hour. I shook their hands when they left the bus. When I came back I was still in this mood trusting teenagers.

I have more to say about robberies in Indonesia, for the next post.

I know that in France there are also robbers and I always had a very bad opinion about these French. A shame for our country.

I have been travelling for 15 years a lot in Asia and South America but in Indonesia itís the first time it happened. In other countries if they canít steal bag they leave the bag. My impression is that in Indonesia if they canít get the bag they destroy it.

All Indonesian are robbers ??? of course no. The country is just very poor as they said in the Lonely Planet

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Yes, things like that happen., but one question. If you know it happens why did you leave your bag alone? (outside the fact that someone told you). Always keep your belongings with you of course (not to blame you, don't know all the circumstances of your travel when it happened.)

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I didnít leave my bag alone. The bus was extra full. People were standing all around me. It was impossible to keep my bag at my feet. I put my bag behind me as it was asked by the driver assistance. Behind me, itís mean near me. But the robber came and stood behind me near my bag and in silence cut my bag in pieces.

In summary: An Indonesian came sat behind you and cut my bag: this is the circumstances. It happened yesterday in the afternoon.

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Ah, okay. As I was reading it, you had to put your bag in the back of the bus and you were somewhere near the front. But the result is the same, you were robbed. Busy places like that are a risk, the same goes for crowded ekonomi class trains (like cattle transport) and the TransJakarta Busway system in Jakarta (I almost lost my mobile once, but the guy dropped it, causing others to beat him until security from the bus company 'rescued' him.)

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i was sitting at my things many criminal in IR

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