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Science in the land where gods reign
Published on 18 October 2009 12:38
Iyan Nurmansyah, living in Oxford in the United Kingdom wrote an opinion on the website of The Jakarta post last week. I will just copy the reaction below. He seems to point at the exact problems Indonesia is facing; corruption, religion and ignorant people. Speaks for itself I suppose.
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And this was one of the reactions:

John Ralph, Jakarta Wed, 10/14/2009 - 7:45am
Muslims say Islam is their way of life. My experience in Indonesia is that Islam is failing and that Islam alone is not enough for humanity. I read the Koran 3 times (different English versions including the official Saudi version) in a vain hope to try and understand why Indonesians lie cheat deceive pretend rob steal etc. If Islam is their way of life are Indonesians indirectly saying Islam encourages graft and corruption. Who is not corrupt? Indonesians are poorly educated knowing very little about the world, and even their own country. Soeharo deliberately kept Indonesians ignorant and so they still are. In religion God is the answer for everything. That is simply not true and Indonesians better wake up to that fact and stop pretending they are close to God when God may not exist. Belief is not enough so do not mislead your children.

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