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Schappelle Corby goes crazy in Bali prison
Published on 26 Augustus 2009 03:09
Australian drug smuggler Schappelle Corby is going crazy in Balinese prison where she has to fulfill a 20-year jail term after trying to smuggle several kilograms of marijuana from Bali to Australia. In a psychiatric report she is said to be 'hanging by a thread', and should be reviewed as soon as possible for being sent home to Australia to finish her sentence there. An Australian psychiatrist was allowed to visit Corby last month.
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“She is lost in her own bewildering world where fantasy, hallucinations and bizarre ideas dominate her mind,”

Nothing new...... this happens not only with prisoners in Kerobokan but also with the expats who are living outside the prison in the surroundings of Kerobokan. However, there are no psychiatric reports about them.

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Recently I have been reading an article from a British journalist Alan Shadrake.

He did reports in the past on Schappelle.

I think we can see a new report soon. I hear this journalist is in Bali at the moment to continue the story.

It's only kinky the first time.

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i have little sympathy and interest for convicted drug smugglers...just another blatant try to get media attention...yawn

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Yes.....but is she a drug smuggler?? You'll never know in this country where you can find the biggest drugsdealers among the "apparatus": police or army (with the army the worst). I know that to cover their own business they sometimes sacrifice others. That is already a common secret for more then 10 years.

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