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We are a foreign married couple planning to go to Indonesia this August, for a long stay.

In 2007 and 2008 we stayed in Indonesia about a year, in total.
We speak English only and do not speak Indonesian languages.

We are in urgent need of a personal assistant/organizer/guide/translator in Indonesia.

This matter is very urgent.

We are searching for a young man, who lives permanently in Indonesia, speaking both English and Indonesian, speaking fluently both languages.
An active, energetic young man with a diploma (higher than a high school).
We also will consider a young woman or a middle-aged man or woman.
That person will be our personal assistant/guide/translator in Indonesia.
That person also will be an organizer of all everyday matters of our living in Indonesia.
That person will organize everything so that we can live without problems there.
To organize it, our personal assistant should employ local workforce, we will pay the local workforce employed by our personal assistant.

Our personal assistant may have a spouse, we could employ her/him also, as a domestic/household helper.

Our personal assistant MUST live with us and travel with us in Indonesia.
Our personal assistant and his/her spouse will live with us at a hotel, a guesthouse or a leasehold house, during all of our stay in Indonesia,
several months. We will pay all accommodation and transportation expenses.

We will NOT live in big cities, we will live in North Sumatra, Samosir Island, Danau Toba, or in Bali, Danau Bratan, or maybe in other small islands, and our personal assistant must live with us.

We will employ our personal assistant and his/her spouse PERMANENTLY, they will have a salary/wage which is considered good in their region.
We will pay them monthly and permanently. When we are outside Indonesia, we will pay them also. When we are outside Indonesia, they will do our tasks in Indonesia.

So, this employment will be permanent and it will be paid permanently, even when we are not in Indonesia.

To work for us will be interesting for them, it will not be a chore, boring work.
That will be a full-time job.

We will speak with our personal assistant in English only but we will use him/her as a translator and guide, for Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian translations, oral and written.

We urgently need that personal assistant, it is very urgent.
We would like our personal assistant to begin working for us this week, if possible.

We are going to Indonesia, to Medan, in a couple of weeks, so our new personal assistant could meet us at the airport, guide us and maybe help us to get a mobile 3G Internet service in Medan and also do some tasks before our arrival to Medan.

We could begin to pay our personal assistant this week, through Western Union or MoneyGram or another express international payment system.

If somebody is interested, please contact me urgently.

Thank you.

Belinda Fernandez.
Skype: vitrazv
Phone Mexico 521 833 2009 001
email: g2g4g7g5Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user

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The assistant already found.

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