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Hello my old friends. Long time no speak...
I'm now 4 months in Indonesia and things not really running like planned but I'm still very ok and positive(My day of starting work is still unclear). At the moment I'm staying in Makassar and insya Allah next friday I'll become father(The operation (ceasar) is planned on Friday).
So far so good and except from not having much money I really enjoy being here. And I'm still positive that soon I can start working (or start something for myself which is also an option)...I learned to be patient here and that's also only positive hehe.
i never regret I took the step op moving to Indonesia and I plan to live hear at least for the coming 25 years or more (as far as I can see now). But of course I need to have stabillity also, so if the things not work out fine here I have to search for the other sollution.Go to Belanda or somewhere else....
My question for you guys, something which is confusing for me at the moment, is what I can do and what you advise me to do with the nationality of my child? I know I have the choice to Indonesian and Dutch but I'm confused. From one side I think I want to built up my future here so better choose for indonesian nationality. On the other side I think: nothing is secure here so better choose for Dutch nationaly since it's easier in the rest of the world.
Someone has experience or good advise for me?what are the possibilities I have?all info really welcome...
People who live in Indonesia can also call me: 0411 875586

salam dan cium,


Just because you're paranoid don't mean there're not after you...

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Good luck man! I can call you too you know.. from Holland Emoticon: Wink


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you are staying in Makassar? (seeing your number?)..

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Besides what you want, there are also some legal matters. Check this page
Furthermore, you can contact Mevr. de Haas of the Legal Advisory Agency Indonesia ( She lives in the Netherlands, but she is very aware of legal matters concerning Indonesia.
By the way, what kind of work are you looking for?
Regards, Johan

Begin de details te vergeten

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thx for the fast replies! Yes Yerun I'm in Makassar, het grote dorp van Sulawesi...I know you can call me also,sorry was bit stupid....I'll wait for your call then ok? Emoticon: Smile Emoticon: Smile btw it was also mentioned in my posting I live in Makassar.
Thanks for your advise johan,I checked the links you suggested.
About the job: I always worked in logistics,import/export & the invitation I got from the company was for a position as manager/supervisor of a high-tech customer care center. Why you ask? You think you might can help me? Also other positions I'm also interested in... Emoticon: Smile Let me know ok?

Thanks again you both and the others still to come


Just because you're paranoid don't mean there're not after you...

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Ik ben jaloers op je kerel...wat een stap zeg!Succes.Ik ben zelf nu in koud Holland met Edith en de kleine...alles oke hier. Emoticon: Yes!

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Dear Tyn, you are making a big mistake with saying that you have the choice for your child to be Dutch or Indonesian. If you are legally married, your child will not be accepted as an Indonesian national, so he/she has to become a Dutch national. If you live in Makassar, why don't you contact the Dutch consular representative overthere? His name is Jan Wezendonk and can be reached :
Caraka Travelindo
Jl. Samalona No. 12
Makassar 90174
South Sulawesi - Indonesia
Phone : +62 411 318877
Fax : +62 411 318889
E mail : trvlindoRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user / infoRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user
Web site :

Success and be a little better informed before you start thinking about these things. Already a lot of Dutch nationals made big mistakes which is negative for their children.

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On 15-05-2005 10:26 krukcor wrote:
Dear Tyn, you are making a big mistake with saying that you have the choice for your child to be Dutch or Indonesian.

Depends on how you translate it;
His child can be Dutch and stay until 18 or 16 years old with a visa in Indonesia. After that age you or you kid needs to decide the nationallity.
But if you wish your kid now already to become Indonesian, who says it can't?

Dutch topic

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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Hey Tyn,

It's a pitty that you still don't have work or your own company,
but just like you said just have patience.
Here in holland i have my own company now,my goal to start in indonesia
a bussines will take patience too.that's because of the birth of our child in november.
Ihope you will get work soon ,and i hope you can make a
good decision about your child's nationality.

ik mail je later nog wel ff

groetjes robert

like to live in ID,but it takes a while to get there

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the child always follow the fathers nationality. if this is different from the mothers, for instance the mother is indonesian, the child never can get the indonesian nationality. For indonesians it is forbidden to have 2 nationalities, so only if you should divorce, and not accept the child as yours, your child will get the indonesian nat. because of the mother, but never get both.
So your child will be treated as a bule, or a foreigner, later. it will have to ask a residence permit, which is not sure to get or keep. Also the child always will have to ask an intrance-visum. depnds on the ruling president, sometimes max. 30 days, sometimes 60 days, sometimes visum on arrival. Visum procedure at the ambassy is not-friendly, waiting period visum is at least 14 days, and your wife will find out, that for the embassy-people it is absolutely not-important that the mother maybe still is indonesian. they will say, the child is dutch, so it has to wait and ask for a visum, even when is traveling with the mother.
It will be impossible to get the baby in the mother-passport, only when ^she is not married, but only in this case the child get indonesian nationality.

see you

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I can only confirm what already is written above: your kid will have the nationality of the man.

If you want to continue to stay in Indonesia you'll have to organise the same visa/kitas/whatever as for yourself. This will apply till they're 18. After that they can apply for an Indonesian passport but then have to throw their other passport. I'm not sure how much this will cost.

All off this will apply for every child, so could become expensive.

The reason for all of this is that a wife and children should follow their husband according to the muslim faith. This according to the Indonesian Embassy.

I hope and pray for you that this regulation will change in the next few years. Last Year the Indonesian president has promised to look into this issue as a matter of fact. Till now no result, but we keep praying.

Please study this site from A till Z :

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Just To Confirm What Is Above Is Correct All Your Children Will Be Dutch If You Are Mentioned On The Birth Certificate And You Have To Get your child a dutch passport as soon as possible.
your wife can sponsor your childs visa application to stay in indonesia but i found this really expensive and time consuming (you require all kinds of finacial statements)
If you have a work visa then the process is very simple they just give the child the same visa you have with no real checks. When my son was born his visa stated he was an engineering lecturer at the age of 2mnths???.
PS Remember to get an entry/ext visa as we didn't so my son couldn't get out delayed our going home by nearly 2 weeks,

good luck

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Do as Sean wrote you. That's the way to go, right now.

Then, for the future things may improve.


This article writes about the fact that the Indonesian parliament has decided to review the law about all of this. They've agreed to review it this year.

Hopefully things will improve.

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