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Dear All,
The forum is getting larger and its members keep growing. Yet, sometimes I find it difficult to address other forum members because many of them use alias. So, i have an idea how about all of us jot down our nick names or the names of which we wish to be addressed in the forum. In my opinion, it will make all of us feel closer together. Allrighty, I will start.
Nick name: Pinta

who's next? Emoticon: Shiny

Slightly older, hopefully wiser, absolutely prettier

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Can't agree with you more. My full name is Rien Gluvers and everyone calls me Rien.

Oud worden op bali? or

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I'm gulping with words......

apa saja...

Sepp Buys
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You just hit the nail with the hammer. The use of nicknames is unpersonal. A nickname is something you receive from your parents, a shortname to call you when diner is reading. From your friends to stress your individuality and later on work the use of your initials like Tj, Bp or CG, whatever. To use a nickname you hide yourself behind a word which can be interpret totally different, in a good/bad way. Therefore I always use my own name, which is Sepp Buys. One of my christian names is Josef, a nickname in Bavaria an Austria for a man called Josef is Sepp. My parents met in Austria and the man making them together was Josef. Hence my christian name became amongst others Josef but I listen to always did and always will be Sepp.


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Hi Pinta, maybe right. But SheMerc it's a short for Sheila Mercedes. So much shorter than SheMerc, I could not make it. Well..maybe I can. My grandmother used to call me with Mercy, ok..let's use that nick Mercy.

Mercy Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Yes!

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I don't use any nickname. My name is Diederick. And my emailadress give you even my full name. No anonimity for me.

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It's nice Diederick. I dont use nick also. What you see it's a short of my name.
My email add, it's also with my name. Hi Diederick..I'm Sheila Mercedes, nice to meet you!
No nick with our name hé? Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Yes!

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hmm, you want massage? and then send money to bank account?

Have you been drinking? Emoticon: Party!

It's only kinky the first time.

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