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Indonesia stops sending maids to Malaysia immediately

Indonesia has ordered employment agencies to stop sending its citizens to Malaysia to work as maids. Indonesian Manpower Minister Erman Suparno said the decision - effective today - would remain in place until safeguards are implemented in Malaysia. I have spoken of the temporary halt in bilateral talks with the Malaysian Human Resources Minister (Datuk Dr S. Subrama-niam) during the International Labour Conference in Geneva on June 12, Erman said in a statement yesterday.

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Fortunatly Indonesia hasn't sent workers to Arab countries for many years now. That was way worse than Malaysian conditions. Ooh wait, eeh, I was dreaming I suppose. Emoticon:

Ho Lee Fuk

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This prooves once again that many MOSLIM men are perverts.
Instead of praying every friday in the mosque they better go to school following the
course 'how can I can I control myself in a world with women and how can I respect women in daily life'

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Yerun my dear, let me refresh your tread. I work & stayed in Middle East for the past 7 years. Indonesia still send TKW to Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia. In Qatar not many Indonesian maid work there, but most of them are men working in oil & gas. Even in Doha - Qatar you can see this Kaburan Maid. I did ask them why ? Do u know that they ran away coz they work till 1 am in the morning & wake up again at 5 am to start work and dont get a day off nor any overtime paid. At the end they were caught by the police coz Doha is a smal place to hide. After 1 month in prison they were send home. In Dubai or Abu Dhabi they were absconded for 3 to 5 years coz Emirates is bigger in area to move around.
The question is this maid is iliterate & even the embassy does not help's a sad to reveal this story with details.
They should be taught what to do in case of Urgency & no maid agency overseas see their needs & to handle on their behalf. If i tell you all this, This story can be better made into a sinetron rather than you see the sinetron of Manohara the overnite princess into fame with lots of liars.

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