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Dear All,
most of you, I'm sure, have online friends but do you know how to maintain those online relationships? If you do, please share the tips with me coz I have online friends too, most of whom I haven't seen in real life but we have agreed to meet sometimes later. The problem is, I have been trying to stay in touch via sms's, emails, but the replies I get seem to show lack of enthusiasm. It makes me feel quite down because I really like those people.. Any ideas, anyone?
thanks yaa..

Slightly older, hopefully wiser, absolutely prettier

User icon of Jeroen
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well.. I have replaced the website this evening, so it's faster now.. this should keep us all together Emoticon: Wink

What kind of people are you referring to ?


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hmm, what kind of people am i referring to? the friends I made on the internet, obviously.

Slightly older, hopefully wiser, absolutely prettier

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First of all have you thought about the idea they do not realy wish to maintain contact or not much?

the friends I made on the internet, obviously.
I want to build a house, how much does it cost me???

Are they from Indonesia or from other an country, culture? Because from experience I know the difference in conversation between western woman and Indonesian woman. But I can not explain it or else you tell me to stick it in my .......!

Do you pay interest to their interest, do you share the same interest? Do you (or they) only talk about them(your)selve?

I can tell you a lot more about it, but I might be offending.

It is not easy to give an answer without knowing some details. We do not know you, we do not know them.

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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Hi Kinanti, Cindy, maple_leafs,

Forgive me for not replying. I have exams at the moment. Will get back to you as soon as I have time to do so. Sorry.



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Thats ok, Tony, thanks for letting know. Good luck on your exams!


Cindy Emoticon: Smile

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Hi Tony....
Do you have exams? do I Sir. I am a student too but try to keep maintain the on line friendship well.
Ha...ha.... Emoticon: Smile Emoticon: Smile Emoticon: Smile . I am just kidding Tony. I deeply understand that currently you are very busy with the exams. Good luck with the exams.
I just started my fall semester on the 1st week of September and I already have tons of home works and paper that I have to write.
Oh...well that is a part of life.

Take care,

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Hi Cindy aka bunga belanda
It is very nice to discuss about the mixed culture children with you on the other forum. Thank you.

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