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Does anyone have a clue? I saw this word somewhere and I was wondering what it could mean. But there is no translation on the internet, so I'm in doubt whether it's a true Bahasa Indonesia word.

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On 06-09-2004 19:33 Jeroen wrote:
Does anyone have a clue? I saw this word somewhere and I was wondering what it could mean. But there is no translation on the internet, so Im in doubt whether its a true Bahasa Indonesia word.

>Hi Jeroen,
>"SUKLIH" is the word used to describe the name of one Army's "SEARCH LIGHT" (the one they use to search aircraft during the night)
>I heard this word for the first time when I was a little boy!
>My cousin came home from "PASAR MALAM"....
>He told us lots lots of exciting stories of them was about this "SUKLIH".....
>Since then I was very determined not to miss any of the PASAR MALAM in town....
>YES !!!!! I saw THIS SUKLIH!!...
>The army personels gave us a demosntration !.....
>it was very bright!
>I was excited!! more over my mother bought me "EMPING MELINJO", SUGAR CANDY"/Kembang Gula/Arum Manis....and telor asin... (NDOK KAMAL.... )/salty duck egg..and ROTI MARIE(Marie BISCUITS..)
>I couldn't sleep when I got home..
>The word comes from "SHOCK LIGHT"...?

>Just like many other words.... "ALEXANDER" becomes "SUKANDAR"
Al-mari =lemari(cupboard) Al-jemah=Jum'at(Friday) Sabado(Portuguese?)= "SABTU"= Saturday....
Domingo(Portuguese)=Minggu(Sunday) Ar-ba=Rabu, "Bandeira"=BENDERA Limao=Jeruk......DUNIA(INDIA)= Dunia(world)=donya (Javanese)...

>Where did you see this word?

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Hi Jeroen and bagusdewe,

maybe the word "suklih" has something to do with the dutch word "zoeklicht?

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halo bunga belanda

I'll have to agree with you 99.999% (.001% mainly I didn't know the "EXACT" /original source/who started it all)
>since the word: "zoeklicht" is/was very hard to pronounce back then....(too wetserned....../belanda......)
>Even these days.... I encountered some villager's version of English pronounciation....
>"Fifty ">>>>>> becomes: "pipti" pronounced:"PIP-TEA"
>On the other side of the coin, many English speaking people pronounce 'Orang Hutan' to "oranguteng" & 'orangutang'.......that means:'somebody who "OWES MONEY'.......

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