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It seems that 'forces' in Indonesia will do everything to stop Yudhoyono from gaining power in this months final round of the general elections. Of course they will try to block him by Megawati's 'National Block', with Golkar and numerous other parties, but he has been accused of being Christian before, and now? What did they come up with? He's sponsored by the US government Emoticon: Red face

Yudhoyono slams foreign funding rumour
"Accusations against me and my Democrat party of receiving foreign funding around EUR 42 million have prompted the circulation of pamphlets saying `Don't vote for SBY because he is funded by the US' I assure you that it's a big zero,'' Yudhoyono told reporters after a mandatory visit to the anti-graft commission. ``There has been no aid from abroad like what they accused coming from the US ... I can account for my campaign funds,'' he said after declaring to the anti-graft commission that his personal wealth this year was at 4.5 billion rupiah (EUR 395,000).

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Ah Yerun, you've just pushed my button. I tend to write lengthy replies when it comes to SBY. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
As a supporter for SBY, I hope he will win the election. Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) has officially stated their support for SBY-Kalla, which is a good start. PKS' support erases the doubts and lies saying that SBY plans to open diplomatic relationship with Israel once he's elected president. Upon the party's support, SBY said that Indonesia strongly opposes Israel's occupation in Palestine, and it will remain that way. Support and sympathy for SBY keeps on growing because the majority of people know very well that Indonesia needs a new leader. A promising one that can well-represent Indonesia and return the country's past reputation as one of Asian tigers.

At the moment I am typing this, Gus Dur's PKB is still discussing who to support.

The National Block or Koalisi Kebangsaan declared by Mega, Hamzah, Akbar and the others not mentioned are said to exist only on the party elite levels. It means, the grass root mass may not agree with their leaders' decisions and will probaby vote for SBY or become non-voters/ golput. Separation also happens. General Hartono, a close ally of former president Suharto officially takes Mega's side, but Siti Hardiyanti/ Mbak Tutut, his sidekick who happens to be the eldest daughter of Suharto has stated that her support goes for SBY. Emoticon: Shiny

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