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A friend of mine in Jakarta has glaucoma and/or cataract. What it is, is not really clear to me. Now she has had surgery to fix it, but it hasn't helped. Does anyone have a similar experience or is the surgery normally good? Also, what is a good eye clinic in Jakarta for surgery like this and how much does that cost?

Grtz Timo

pak ronald
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glaucoma and cataract will translate in dutch as " glaucoom" and "staar".
Both are disfunctions of the eye: glaucoma is a increased eye pressure (often genetically derivered so sibblings should be checked) and staar is a dispersion of the eye lens.

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  • With the answer from pak ronald does this means that we have two/2 doctors on this forum .... (with kiwimave ) ... ??

  • 'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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    Firstly how old is this woman? Cataract usually affects the older people though one can be born with cataract problems as someone I was helping a few yrs back.
    With cataract the lens in the eye can be changed in an operation. From what I understand it is usually successful but there is always that percventage that isn't.

    Where did she go to get her diagnosis- i.e the Jakarta Eye Centre. This is a very good place for checking the eyes- I have taken Indonesia people there before to help them with eye problems.
    Yrs ago there was a doctor Parbo working at Jakarta Eye Centre and he was the one who saw the boy who can been born with cataracts.
    This boy would have been declared legally blind here in Australia.
    Dr Parbo was able to confirm to me that the operation many yrs before in Bandung had been ok and then prescribed glasses for boy who was able to tell us he could actually see a little out of these glasses- much better than the ones he had been prescribed in Bandung yrs before.
    Dr Parbo was also able to tell the father that there was nothing else that could be done for the boy and put the father's mind to rest that the unbelievably expensive vitamins someone had told him could help his son were nothng but a marketing ploy to get the father to spend money he did not have.
    The Jakarta Eye Centere used to have a website a long time ago but no longer.
    Here is the address

    Glaucoma is a very serious eye problem and needs to be managed with very special and super expensive daily eyedrops to relieve and reduce the pressure to the eyeball.
    Ineffective management of glaucoma can lead to blindness.

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