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Hi dear friends,

me and my wife we would like to take a small road from Medan to the following cities/villages- can anobody tell us, if this way is possible? dirt road is o.k.,

From Medan we go to Tanjungpura -> Pangkalanbrandan -> Seumadam

From Seumadam on our map there goes a small road west to

Pulautiga -> Pinding -> Oreng -> Blangkejeren

If anybody could help us with information about this way, we would be more than happy!

Thank you so much in advance and hope to hear from you!

Benjamin and Mandy Emoticon: Smile

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What map do you have?
I have had a look on the internet because I thought that the area would be most likely jungle and from what I can see it looks like that.
Here is a link showing the area
You can move the arrow around to see the other places you have mentioned that are closer to Medan.
Blangkejeren is actually in Aceh not Sumatra.
I know the road from Medan to Kutacane is not so good, but the road from Ketambe to Blangkejeren was in good condition when I was there in November 2006.
Have not been the route you are planning.

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Hi Again,
Here is a link to a post from Lonely Planet Thorn tree by a traveller who went trekking in Kedah this year.
It is not far from Blangkejeren so maybe you could try to email the address which is on the website he has quoted in the post and ask about the roads in the Oren to Blangkejeren area.

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