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Anne Mieke
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On 29-10-2008 09:07 ouwe bekende wrote:
Ok and now some useful practical information for her…somebody have to tell her, right?

Average Indonesian men are lazy and very conservative. They don’t accept any woman emancipation. Woman belongs in the kitchen and do other household things (like we have 30 years a go).
Monogamy is a strange for them. You have to chair him with others…

I see u are experienced. Emoticon:

On 29-10-2008 09:07 ouwe bekende wrote:
Think twice girl! When you feel attracted to Asian looking men my advice is to look for one in your own country where you can find one who is already more civilize.
Also keep in mind that there could be an economical reason for him to get in touch with a western woman….

Her OWN country IS an Asian country. And about the economical reason....... hm where did I heard this before?

Need information about Flores? Take a look at the website "FLORES SURGA KITA" (including many photo's) Avatar: Sarotari, Larantuka, the exact place the Palmerah bridge will be built.

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On 29-10-2008 23:35 Pistebunny wrote:
None of them have the same character but one thing for sure.....they all faithfull to my sisters : o ) Two of them just celebrated their golden Wedding Anniversary : o )

Well, now thats good news Emoticon: Yes! Thank you for sharing that.

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Your posting has puzzled me. Did you ever meet this man in person? I guess so....?? And why should you care about what other people are like or think. It is about you and him, two unique people.
If you want to read experiences of other women that are married or have a relationship with an Indonesian men. I recommened the OIM forum.
I am married to an Indonesian men and my brother in law is an Mayoor in Indonesia. As far as I understood it is impossible for Indonesian militairs to get married to a non-Indonesian woman.
I recommend you to get yourself informed about the consequences of starting up a relationship with an Indonesian man (militair). You can find a lot of good information about laws on the site

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Yes we've met when his unit was here in my country. He told me he had a friend also from the Military who married a Filipina (Catholic) and they are now living in Indonesia. How is this possible if you said as far as you understood, you cant marry a Militant if you're not Indonesian?
Thank you for your insight though and I will definitely check the sites you've mentioned. I will also study the consequences being married/involved with an Indonesian militant man. So far, I'm NOT getting any good feedback about it... I think I should really think twice about marrying this man.. Emoticon:

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Khristina, INdonesian men are men everywhere, some think with the "big"head.(between their shoulders), others "think" with the little head (between their legs..NExt to this rather blunt assessment, the most important considerations you should make :.How is YOUR psychological/mental makeup at this moment.? Is this attraction fueled by the geographic distance between the 2 of you.?...MOST important of all;.think long an deeply about cultural/religious differences..Can you think/see past these two important factors?..What about your son.?If you decide to go for it and accept the cultural differences, will that be fair to your son's growing up...The boy's father, no matter what you think, has some input into his son's growing up.(you may not think so, but he DOES have two parents).You must focus on this: your son did not ASK to be born.Speaking for your young son: allow him to discuss this with his biological father.
I have a friend whose brother was confronted (past 50) with a son from a long-ago liaison, where the mother had DELIBERATELY kept the father from finding out.. I cannor begin to tell you the heartache this young man is feeling now , having been confronted with his biloogical father's wife refusing any dealings with the situation. So thnk for son as well as for your own wellbeing. Good luck...

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You are so RIGHT! Men are MEN! Doesn't matter where he is from...

Before we started this relationship I told him how my Dad left us because of another women. How scared I was to go into a serious relationship because of what happened to my family. He gave me all these sweet talks, assured me that he is not like that at all...he said this, he said that...and me, Ms. Gullible, believed every single word he said...
Guess what, I got a call from his WIFE last Saturday!!!!!!! Emoticon: Cry

So, thats it with my curiousity about Indonesian MEN....doesn't really matter anymore...thank you though..really appreciate it.

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