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As far as I know, several European shortwave radio stations transmit regularily in Indonesian language. Most often only for half an hour or so daily. These include :
Ranesi (Belanda), DW (Germany), BBC (England)
But sometimes even RRI may be heard in Europe.
Anybody interested? If so I shall publish "How to"...
Salam Juffy

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I often listen to
if you type in into your browser, the windows media player starts and retrieves the music. They play a kind of tapes so everyday, more or less the same songs, but hey! It is something.
Regards, Johan

Begin de details te vergeten

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Hi Nienke,

I'm interested. Please explain (frequencies and time..).

By the way: Did you already met my wife's family in Kaskakassen? The house is called "Helena" and is situated at about 200 m distance from your school. The name of my wife is Fanny. We stayed there in december 2002.



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There are 3 ways to listen to Indonesian languageRadio Broadcasts :
1) Have a look on the following sites. Chose life broadcast. Times according their schedules. Possible addresses are :

2) If you are within the “footprints” of some TV satellites, you may receive Indonesian and Malaysian radio programs with your TV down converter and a satellite radio receiver. The best known is of course Palapa, which radiates over SE-Asia. But it seems that even Hotbird for Europe has Malaysian programs. May be RRI too?

3) My favorite method: You need
- a short wave radio receiver. Check for a band switch marked SW, Shortwave, KW Kurzwelle, OC Ondes courtes, or similar.
- an antenna. For stations transmitting from Europe, the built-in rod-antenna does the trick. Else you need some 5 to 20m of electrically conducting wire. Best would be to hang it outside your room, in free space, but this would require to comply with your local thunderstorm prescriptions.
Connect it to the antenna terminal of your receiver. If there is only a rod antenna, reception is usually better if you just make 5 turns around the rod with the insulated wire, without electrical connection.

The frequencies and times of transmission are found on above mentioned sites. These are usually in the early afternoon or around midnight in Europe. Once you spotted the transmissions you may use your programmable cassette recorder and listen the day after.
Salam Juffy

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If you got Winamp on your PC with Broadband connection you also can listen to streaming radio (music only) by placing this URL in the bookmark of WinAmp

Kepala botak tapi dengan otak

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This is also a Internet Radiostation called KaskusRadio with only (nice) music from Indonesia.
You can listen to it with Winamp or Windows Mediaplayer.

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Antoni yth.,

There are more possibilities, and they are free, at these websites; besides you can record too, then media player !!!

Juffy lots of succes, I hope you like it !!! .... Anis.

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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Hey try this or You need either Realplayer or Mediaplayer. I used to listen to colorsradio from surabaya but sadly the canceled their website Emoticon: Cry


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