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I have heard different stories about tipping and I wonder what exactly should be done. Some of my Indo friends told me not to tip because it is not in the local tradition and they told me that they almost never tip ! I found that a bit surprising ! It is however true that sometimes tip is refused like at gas stations but it is pretty rare !
I have the impression that tips is expecting from bules when it would not be expected from locals ?! Am I wrong ?

Basically I tip my hairdresser around Rp10000 (haircut price around Rp50/70K), restaurant 5%-10 %; nothing for gas station. For massage, I noticed that even you only request a legitimate massage, girls still expect big tips and even get mad when they get only Rp10k or Rp15k for a massage price of 60k-100k, is it really too little ?

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i never tipped anybody (definitely not in a restaurant), but be sure that anyone who meets bule a lot will have got some generous tips before....

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In Australia it is ettiquette to tip about 10%, but I am not sure that people still tend to follow this. I think this stemned from America. In Australia our rental prices are soaring same with everthing else so people don't really have money to spare.
But its nice for the waiter to receive a tip for appreciation for the good service they provided. Emoticon: Smile

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Ask local people how much they tip, not foreigners!

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I am Indonesian through and through but lived in the UK for over 28 years. Even though my family are extremely well off (they lived in Java & Bali) none of them ever give tip. I find it really annoying as their wealth will not going to run out even if they tipped here and there. As for me, I am poor as a church mouse but I believe in 15% tip whether I am in Europe, USA, Australia or Indonesia. Emoticon: Cooool

Winter lover : o )

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