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17-01-2015 18:16 · [news] Three more bodies of AirAsia victims to Surabaya hospital  (1 reaction)
17-01-2015 01:23 · [news] Fuel prices lowered, again  (2 reactions)
17-01-2015 00:14 · [news] President dismisses Sutarman as national police chief  (0 reactions)
16-01-2015 12:44 · [news] Alleged terrorists shot dead three villagers in Poso  (3 reactions)
16-01-2015 02:15 · [news] Indonesia to execute six drug convicts  (0 reactions)

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What I read about it is based in "if" "it might be" refferences to movies? SF?
Maybe that's the reason why 99% finds it far fetched because for argument sake say 85% of your news is based on assumption and not on fact's.

That a body in space moves in our direction doesn't mean it's got the consequences you mention. One only could say it could happen.

Thats why I find this difficult because it's based on something different then facts. And yes, if there is danger, it would have been publicly known.

It's only kinky the first time.

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On 12-07-2008 06:58 oyibo wrote:
And yes, if there is danger, it would have been publicly known.

With other words, when you read a bad news story in the Telegraaf or The Jakarta post about a comet going to crash on earth, you immediately believe it. But stories about changes our world into something better you do not wish to believe.

OK. Then I rest my case and can only tell you keep you eyes open and who knows.......
More I can't tell you. Maybe you better ask mama Marenda. Maybe you rather believe her.

Have fun with everyday stories.

You can't find the answer in one web site, but what if you can find a 100 or a 1000 about it? Still keep your eyes closed?

How many web-sites already publish the real truth about 9/11, but still the sleeping majority believes in Muslim terrorists.

Bcs majority of people rather stay with everyday subject.
And you as well did not took much time to study it. Unless you are in champion in fast reading.

Anyway all have a nice day.

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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I just discovered that my hidden agenda skips 2012.... so no problem there Emoticon: Party!

Ho Lee Fuk

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If you do a search through google, I am sure you will find that the planet is about to explode in 2012 as well as in 2013, 2014, 2015 etc etc.

All you can do is read "Revelations" and see that we are definitely in an critical era for humanity. But how you interpret things is often something personal.

From Dayeuhkolot with love

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If you call a collission between earth and another body changes for a better world thats a bit abstract to mrAlbert. If a collission is imminent we would have received this news not from Jakarta post or the Telegraaf for that matter. Get serious. But from offical governmental institutes and body's. I don't bother to read internet sites where assumptions are the bigger part. I take news seriously but I'm also very aware of the sources the news comes from. And these mentioned site are not very credible in respect of news. Emoticon: Party!
As I mentioned earlier there are very credible scientists who are working in this field. As soon as these people start to make noise then I feel it's time to panic, but not a minute earlier. My hidden agenda reveals an appointment for drinking beer with Yerun. I see no reason to cancel that for now.

It's only kinky the first time.

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