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Sorry this is not a travel related website I want to write about, but something very close to my heart that I believe is a hell of a lot more important- the future of Sumatra's Physically Inflicted Children.
I thought some of you here might like to know about the incredible work Katie Pavett, her husband Ali and their team are achieving in Sumatra in regards to children and young adults born with Cleft Lip and Palate.
I have known Katie through email when she used to give generously of her time when I was helping children in Java with medical problems.
Then I got the chance to meet her in Medan on January 30th 2005 and give her my donation for the Tsunami.
And last year I was lucky to meet up with her and Ali again on Pulau Weh and chat about what she planned for the future seeing she had just spent the last 2 yrs helping with reconstruction of everything destroyed in Aceh.
Her focus is once again back on what she has always wanted to do provide medical help in the way of operations, dentistry and speech therapy for the hundreds and hundreds of children born with Cleft Lip and Palate.
Katie has contacts with overseas surgeons who visit and provide knowledge for the local surgeons to learn how to do these incredible life changing operations.
Below are photographs of the children who have been lucky enough to be part of this life changing program and who had Cleft Palate operations in Sept/Oct this year.
The photos include some children from Bukit Lawang as well as other parts of Sumatra.
Here is the link
Scroll down to the pdf link for October 2007.

Please note some of the before photos on left of your screen are incredibly disturbing and will bring tears of sadness to your eyes, but if you look at the right hand photo, your tears will be ones of sheer joy at what can be achieved with money and a clever surgeon.

Check out the rest of the website as Katie has a wonderful new promotion '100 Smiles' to raise enough funds over the next few months to reach her target to operate on another 100 children this coming year and provide them with all the after care they need- dentistry and speech therapy

I personally have donated this morning enough for one child's operation, but if anyone would like to join my group Pamela Fuge and donate just a small amount I know I will achieve my target of having enough money to provide operations for 10 children next year.
As well as requesting some donation help, I am raising money now by selling new clothing samples in a recycled clothing shop here in Sydney where I work on Saturdays, doing paid house sitting and feeding people's pets over the holidays that will pay for another child's operation and working some of my holidays in the clothing shop to provide for the third operation.
If you wish to help, go to the above website, click on red sign wishing to achieve a smile,
and to the left click on ways of helping children in Sumatra.
You have 3 choices,
1.Making your own group,
2.Sponsoring a Fund Raiser namely me- Pamela Fuge Website below.
See details of my donation.
3.Making a donation.

Sincerely Pamela Fuge, Sydney Australia.

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