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This message is meant to be for the internet virgins or those who are new on the web.

Lately I receive by sms messages from persons out of Jakarta and the claimed to be from Africa.

They have millions of USDollars to invest in my company. But unfortunately my company is not even 1 million USD worth.
Or the just say they are willing to talk about investment.

Donít be a fool no experienced business person would contact somebody by sms or e-mail.
If they want to invest a lot of money they either call you or visit you in person.

Or those criminals read something in the Indonesian news paper and claimed to be family of him or her, etc.

Further more in that Sms they ask me to come to Jakarta to have a talk with them. The next thing will be that they force some info out of you, or maybe your bank pas, or whatever. But one thing is for sure they do not have to offer you a million dollar investment.

For more info surf to

Many of us who advertise on the web, already have receive many of these offers by email.

You are a fool if you see dollar signs in your eyes. Because there are NONE!

Als others from other countries copied the African fraud.

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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Albert, good info, although this crime is already known for at least 3 years, I think a lot of the forum members are not aware of it.

Begin de details te vergeten

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Anyone with an IQ above 70 should get suspicious if you get such an email from a Nigerian "friend". If not, it's time to visit a psychiatrist Emoticon: Party!

Gracias. Sama sama

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On 26-10-2007 17:10 kiwimave wrote:
Anyone with an IQ above 70 should get suspicious if you get such an email from a Nigerian "friend". If not, its time to visit a psychiatrist Emoticon: Party!

The stories tell us that even with an IQ above 100 they fall for it.

But there is a positive story, some people manage to get money from those criminals. Buy asking them money for a plane ticket, etc.

I tried, I asked them for 2,5 juta, costs for the plane and Hotel. I am still waiting for their reply. Emoticon: Confused

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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Make sure you never reply, especially not to sms and definitely don't try to meet them, even if they would give you a 'free ticket', which usually turns out to be paid by stolen credit cards and sometimes it's a fake ticket of which they hope the airline and you won't notice. Never forget that you are dealing with big time criminals, they never see you alone and they have been known not to reject severe violence.

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im getting emails from nigeria EVERY DAY telling me they want to give me money, hahahaha if they would've been true i would just be under bill gates now as far as bank accounts go....

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