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Sepp Buys
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I have heard the following:

At arrival at the main international airports in Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya) it might happen that after taking your lugage, you have to enter a security check. Something to declare and nothing to declare. After passing this stage a civilian customs officer might stop you to ask you to follow him separated from others. What happens is that they will strip you to your undies and open all luguage you have trying to find something value. If you do not take any action you will stay their probably a long time "in the cold" and a lot money "spent". What you should do if one of those civilian looking customs officials is asking you to come with him in to the room. Tell him politely with a loud voice in proper English that if he wants to search through your lugage, it has to be there where the rest of the people are. Once said that he will probably turn around and walk away ashamed he is not speaking any english, or being caught him making some extra money.
It happend several times now in one month. It is tourist season so it is a nice way to "earn" some extra money.
Be carefull!! A warned person counts for two (as we say in Holland)

(PS happy holidays)

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Where did you get this news from? I didn't hear it before and never had an experience like this either.. Maybe because I'm not wearing my newest clothes? Emoticon: Wink

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From where is this information , its all fake and just rumours and silly imagination as well .


www Jakarta through the Eyes of an Expat

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Every time I enter Indonesia I fill in this yellow customs declaration and even mention the teletubbies cd-s I have with me, because you are obliged to present cd's and videos for scrutination by the censor. I am always a bit shaky when I enter the customs area, as it is well known that Tinky-Winky is a blatant homosexual (he likes to carry a ladiesbag) and the nude teletubbies are always hugging each other (perbalukan!!!) in public (something that the minister of Justice wants to forbid). But these lazy custom-officials don't even look at the paper, which always end up in a drawer in my house. That is my experience with the customs at Jakarta airport. The customs at the port of Tanjung Priok is a whole other story. They even charge absurd handling costs and invented custom-duties for releasing goods that are given for free to the Republic of Indonesia!

Sepp Buys
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Dear all,

It is a recently occuring thing. It happend to two of my customers and my boss!! So do not tel me its bullshit, or you never heard from it. That is why I tell you now.
One reason is it is holiday season and therefore a good time to earn some extra money.
Second reason, if you are not carefull they even put something in your lugage and you carry it out of the airport.
It happend once again. So please be carefull!!


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My experience in Bali is till now quite positive with these guys. Over there you should be careful with the people who check your passport, they like to make some extra money!

These guys all come from Jawa and had to pay quite a lot to get this position, so they’ll use any opportunity to “earn” their money back.

Emoticon: Puh!

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