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suppose: a (dutch) relative of yours meets a indonesian woman. She comes to Holland and they live here together for 6 years. Now that he's a pensionada they announce that they will move back to Indonesia (East Java). She makes him invest in a house that she supposedly owns. He will leave everything behind, take his lifelong savings with him and will delete himself from "burgerlijke stand" in Netherlands.

He doesn't want to listen to any reason/argument from our family; he will move to Indonesia.Period. Just for anyone's understanding; I wish him all the best and I hope that he will be happy; but I simply don't trust it.
Now I know most of you will say: WARN HIM(or something similar). But that didn't work and won't help.
I have even considered hiring a private investigator to check this womans background. (Anyone knows a reliable company in Indonesia? Google gives too many choices...)

I just had to write this down somewhere.
Hope to read something back which might help...

matur suksama

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have a look and decide for yourself if that site is worthwhile. sometimes these cases work out well, some others don't.

good luck,

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Seems to me the man is firm about his decision.And 6 years is a long time,if she is not to be trusted he would know by now,don't you think?But it's allways a risk,also with a woman from Holland,for instance my own brother lost his after 18 years,so maybe this will work out fine for him. Emoticon:

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Hi becik2,

Warning someone about a woman he's in love with, rarely works. Instead it's better to help your friend with information. My guess is that right now, the Indonesian woman has an "information monopoly". So if she says that the only way to buy a house in Indonesia would be in her name, that would be the only information your friend gets.

Inform your friend as best as you can about moving to Indonesia. Tell him about registering himself with the consulate in Surabaya, tell him about medical insurance and about buying a house using a PMA. To get you started, a couple of links (some of them in Dutch):

lease en grondrechten op langere termijn
How foreigners can own property in Indonesia?
PMA-Company Establishment Package (there many other agencies)

Dé complete Global Traveler-verzekering voor in het buitenland (Oom)
Goed verzekerd naar het buitenland

Ambassade en consulaat
De Nederlandse ambassade
Het consulaat in Surabaya

General information

And... trust your friend a littlebit. He's an adult. If I were in his shoes, it would be the end of our friendship if I found out you were planning to send a PI after my girlfriend. Be carefull becik2, you risk losing your friend. Good luck, Andre

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Try to talk with Pt Okusi in jakarta.
Okusi Associates,
Jalan Jaksa No. 11,
Kebon Sirih 10340, Jakarta Pusat.
Phone +62 (21) 390 1007
+62 888 187 0556
Fax +62 (21) 3190 2520
associatesRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user

Good Luck

Becik ketitik olo Ketoro

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On 11-09-2007 07:01 andre wrote:
Hi becik2,

And... trust your friend a littlebit. Hes an adult. If I were in his shoes, it would be the end of our friendship if I found out you were planning to send a PI after my girlfriend. Be carefull becik2, you risk losing your friend. Good luck, Andre


To make it complete, or sadder really, the person in question is my father..
Believe me; I wish him the best and I surely hope that he doesn't get tricked.
The thing is is that he doesn't have any evidence what-so-ever. When I ask for little things like his new address; he doesn't know. He fully trusts on her honesty and pictures that she has of her house. So it's like you say; she has the absolute monopoly on information.
Any reasonable question from my side reagrding what his future overthere is gonna be is passed over by him. No discussion possible. (I spoke to his best friend; he experiences exactly the same..)
Perhaps he doesn't want his dream seen shattered upfront. FYI; he has been working for like more than 53(!) years and he is so determined to go that he is litteraly blinded.
Anyway people; I don not want to come across as pitiful. It's just that I have the feeling that if I don't do anything now I will blame myself for it the rest of my life.

Despite my nickname; I dont feel like that at all. (Becik2 = baik2 in bahassa Bali)

matur suksama

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