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Sepp Buys
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Forget about the chinese restaurants then. EVERYWHERE where there is a chinese restaurant there is KARAOKE. I HATE IT. In Jember where I stay there is only one restaurant (chinese) and with kara, so i never go there. Other restaurants are available but the food is lesser quality and there they have all night the super goldie oldies playing, and the performance is by super oldies as well. I eat just at warungs at home or at kaki lima's.


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On 19-02-2005 08:01 Sepp Buys wrote:

EVERYWHERE where there is a chinese restaurant there is KARAOKE.


Hi Sepp,

I donít agree with you. I have been eating Chinese from Merauke till Sabang, and this was only the second time I was bothered with karaoke. I also eat this food because I canít stand spiced food, so all Padang-like restaurants are out of the question for me, and not only because it is padas. Chinese is always fair and fresh food, right from the hot wok. In Sumatera and Sulawesi you mostly have two choices, its either Padang or Chinese. And sometimes you donít even have a choice. I hate Padang food! But I would never advice a tourist to eat from a kaki lima. Did you ever noticed how they clean your plate there? In a bucket with water from the kali that would be used for the whole day. Maybe when someone lives there his stomach gets used to this sorts of things, but I would never risk my holiday again.


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the best food in Yogya is "SATE BABI" in Malioboro (near Ramayana). Wanna try????

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halo, for now, there are a few korean restaurant in yogya. in the happyland area, jalan timoho n near of caladia ringroad. if u came to indonesia. please try that place, Emoticon: Smile

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