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On 13-07-2004 02:57 Robert wrote:

Okidoki... enough about me... whos next ? Emoticon: Shiny

Probably me in this very nice topic.

My name is Richard born in summer of the year 1979 in a small city just underneath Zwolle. With a “Indische” background (my mom is born in Bandung) I became as youngster already familiar with the culture. I visited Indonesia with my family in 1992 and 1998.

In January of this year I graduated for the HTS specialisation Aeronautical Engineering. Currently working as Helicopter Maintenance Engineer for one of our forces of the Ministry of Defences. Switching in a few weeks to a very nice operational job at a commercial airliner.
For my graduation found a project at Garuda Indonesia and lived in Jakarta for 6 months together with a good friend of me. After the culture shock of the dirty (over)crowded city, we had a very amazing time (you have to find the charm of Jakarta) and every day became an adventure with meeting so many nice people. After a few months I met my girlfriend who is also working for Garuda. Already knowing from the start of our relation that she is the “one” for my entire life! In those last three months of my graduation I see another site of Indonesia. I became part of it. See all those things that are normally hidden for western people. I really enjoyed it.

In February of this I went back for a month to meet her again. Even our time was of course too short our connection became more stronger. In July of this year she visited Holland for her first time. Can you imagine… a girl who lived all her life in Jakarta… who even never had visited another city in Indonesia before she met me. Of course it was very exciting for her… but she felt at home, comfortable and had a great time. Only a little bit dingin in our rainy summer!!! 2,5 weeks together it was way too short but we enjoyed every second of that time!

Now it will be waiting till next year. I will go to Indonesia. Hopefully after that visit she can come over and we can built our life up in Holland.

"Veel mensen hebben een te hoge dunk van wat ze niet zijn, en een te geringe dunk van wat ze wel zijn".

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my name is Pipiet, born in Bandung , since 1089 I live in Amsterdam,
I work for France/dutch company for one of the bank in amsterdam.
My hobbies skydiving and cooking also listen the music. I like R&B, Low Rawls, UB 40, Barry white, George Michael, Kool & the Gang,

My dream is to going back to my own country. Beside my work I have my little catering company speciallity for school.

I have 17 years old daughter and 4,5 years son.

My daughter's is Ayu Fowler, and my son Adam Jonathan Middelkoop.

my advice for everyone, als long you all having are chance to save the money and live in Indonesia to enjoy the life, because life so short.

bye for now.

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Hoi Nona, I have yust read your massage. I think you are the oldest member of this side. You are born in Bandung, nice place. And you live now in Amsterdam since 1089 ????? May be you make un mistake about this year. But anneway it was nice to read that. Succes
in your live, hati-hati. Emoticon: Yes!

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Well...this is me...

A small indonesian woman, born and raised in Zevenaar.
I am 32 years old..pff..times strikes..doesn't it.
I work in a payroll company as an Office Manager and I really love my job! My mom comes from Semarang and my dad from Jakarta.
37 years ago, they went to Holland. To give their 8 childeren a better start in life, they left their home in Depok.
In '98 I went to Indonesia for the first time in my life..and as soon as I stepped out of the plane...It felt like being home..
On the 11th of march I'm finally going back for a small vacation and I'll pay a visit to an orphanage, to bring them clothes, food and some other stuff. While looking for some information on the internet, I found this site..So...that's how it brought me here...

P.s. Latex, is it easy to read a massage? I'd rather get one, instead of reading it... Emoticon: Yes!

Tuti & Jan
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That's realy I suprise for me Sampoernalover, I never thought you are a woman, in my fantasi I tought you are a middleaged man.
For me no problem.
Tuti is also born in in the neighbourhood of Semerang, the place is named Salatiga.
Welkom on this forum!!
Do you still speak Indonesian language??
Tomorow early we travel to Jawa, on 12 March the day that yo arive in Bali we are still there, when you like to met us is possible after 15 March.
Tuti & Jan

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Hello people,

my name is Robert van der Kolk ,born in Rijssen 21-12-1977 East of theNetherlands.My girlfriend Devi Aryani is born in jakarta/Panca krida
30-03-1976.I'm a graduated BuildingConstructor and in spare time
i'm busy in Infra. In the future i'd like to build a school with accomadation for homeless children.
The school will give them a chance to learn english,and other languages.The school will learn them new systems in building house an factory.Its my wish to leave sometime to jakarta,to start
this dream.But peacefull waiting is a clean case.
Beside this dream i'd like to make my own company to build exclusive
kitchens,floors,ect. almost everthing that has to do with in-and exterior of your house.
I don't know why i have this great feeling for Indonesia,but i'm happy
to have it.And i love it!!
And this website is perfect to share your feelings and experiences
about Indonesia.

Greetings to everyone Rob

like to live in ID,but it takes a while to get there

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Hi, I am Henny. I was born in Makassar-Indonesia 32 year ago. I am an architect. I finished my bachelor degree in Architecutre in Indonesia since 1998, and In 2002 I went to study to Rotterdam and Sweden for my master degree. I am married to a lovely Dutch man, and having a traditional ceremony and feest in Makassar wearing our traditonal clothes (how beautiful!!!). Anyone who stay in Makassar must have read our news in Tribun Timur no. 152, 11 juli 2004.
Now, I stay and work in Rotterdam as an architect. My husband is an IT manager at IBS. For now, It is still difficult to move to Indonesia since our career is still promising here in Holland. But, in the future, when we are both retired, we plan to live and have a busniness in Indonesia. Investing in buying properties like lands or houses is good for starting I think. Later we can decide to build someting according to our capability dan knowledge.
That's all!!!

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Well Tuti & Jan, surprise surprise..

Yes...I am a woman..and proud te be one Emoticon: Yes!
I'd like to meet you both, but I am not sure where i will be staying..our return is already on the 21th Emoticon: Nooo . And I want to see as many places as possible. I have to admit, that my parents raised us almost only in Dutch. My mom used to say.. we live in we adjust and speak their language.. Okay..I know some indonesian words..but I wouldn't dare to say it here Emoticon: Blush

I'm taking bahasia indonesian lessons now...but i've just started a couple of weeks ago Emoticon: Blush
Never too old to learn! ya all..
P.s. What made you think that I'm a middle aged man?
Emoticon: Shiny

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Sorry...I forgot to wish you both a safe trip..

And maybe: SEE YA in Bali!

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Hi my name's Fabian. I am 29 and was born in the tiny country of Brunei but am now living in Sydney, Australia. I first visited this website after I spent three months or so travelling around Indo back in 2002.

I run a weblog at http:/ (which Jeroen has kindly linked to) for fun where I write about anything that comes to mind on Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia, as well as a place to put up some photos.

I still read regularly as it is a great place to get news and views on what is going on in that amazing country.

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Hello my name is Iris Budidarma (female for the non Dutch), 37 years old. I am married to my 'sayang' from Medan. We met in Sumatra 7 years ago. My husband came to Holland in 1999. We have two Indo-Belanda's: Lisa (4) and Indra (1). We live in Valkenburg, near Leiden and will return to Indonesia in a few months to live there. We rent out our houseboat in Holland (any one interested?) for the first year(s) untill we get settled.
I studied cultural and medical anthropology in Leiden. First time in Indonesia was for my research in 1990 and after that period always....rindu Indonesia. So I have been several times back there.
I worked most of the time as a trainer and in the reintegration business untill last year. At the moment busy preparing for the big move and taking care of my two little Indo's.

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Robert, you want to build a school for the homeles children, but where and when?, please reply on the forum,salam pak jengot.

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Namaku Anita!
Hello my name is Anita. A student from China, now learning Bahasa Indonesia in Guangzhou China. 20 years old~
Today I'm searching some information about Pulau Sumantra for my next week's presentation, so found here~a wonderful place~full of useful information & beautiful pics. Helpful for my homework. Thanks a lot!! Emoticon: Smile
I've learn Bahasa Indonesia just for 4 months, not so good yet. Maybe 1 or 2 years later I will go to UGM in Yogya Karta to study for half a year or so. Hope I will enjoy it.
My interesting is drawing, esp drawing comic pics. Recently I like using oekakiBBS to draw online(a kind of online drawing).
Here is a pic for my new friend who is learning Bahasa Indonesia by himself in Shanghai.

but I miswrote his name Emoticon: Blush
haha~ Emoticon: Very funny

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JanS, that would be in the region of jakarta tangerang,but when i don't
know exactly because first i have to make sure that my wife and me
can do this with our own money.

maybe in 6 till 10 years..

vr gr rob

like to live in ID,but it takes a while to get there

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Hi, I am kris, who lives in Australia, I am 40 yo. I spent big part of my life in Jakarta and I worked in Finance before I moved to Australia. I like visiting this website because I can get many new information about my country, I really miss it special the food Emoticon: Puh! .

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I'm a California doctor, 40's, born 14 April. My heritage is mixed Native American. Have been to Indonesia on tourist visa 8 times. Have found 30 day visa way too restrictive...last time (Oct 04) felt like I was on a whirlwind business trip, not a vacation. Looking for social budaya visa sponsor for May 05. I'm considering immigrating to Yogya. Thanks for any insights. Emoticon: Cooool

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I'm 35 year old male without a job for this moment.....
i was born in Bandung, but for last 7 years i 've been lived in Housotn Texas. i'm moving back to Bandung this weekend....

comdoc, you can have extention for your visa.....

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Dear all,

My name is Windy (but I am a man). An accountant. Hobbies are: tennis, writing, reading and music (singing). Nice to know you all.


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Hi I am Jessy, Mermaid is my nick name. I've just joined into this site and I think its really good site to communicate with people, either local or expats. I was born in Jakarta, 27 years ago, I am working in Jakarta at one of the multinational company in pharmaceutical industry as a PA. I really enjoy the work and life in Jakarta. I would like to meet new people and being friends with them. I think it will be really cool if we could have the gathering with the member of this site.


mermaid_in_asiaRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user

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Dear Jessy,

Welcome to the jungle! Have a nice day.


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Hi, I am Pamela from Sydney Australia who first visited Indonesia in 1997 and since returned in 2000 for 4 months 2001 for 5 weeks, 2002 4 weeks, 2003 4 weeks, 2004 for 59 days.
Love the people, the food, mostly the climate though sometimes it does get a bit too hot, the scenery, just most things in Indonesia.
I was born in Australia on 28th November 19__.
Have not revealed my age on any forum and do not intend to do so here either.
I work in Sydney as a Fashion Production Manager and to raise funds for my English school in Java I get paid to house sit whilst people are on holidays, babysit, do clothing alterations, and design and make handbags to sell at markets.
From volunteering to speak English in Cianjur in Sept 2000 I had the God given opportunity to start my own weekend English school for children who would never have the opportunity to have private lessons. This started in Oct 2001 because another teacher friend was prepared to teach English to two young children for free because they could not afford the lessons. His reason being they were so enthusiastic to learn whereas children whose parents could afford to pay were not one bit interested to put in the effort required.
So began our school with Andang Heryana teaching the English and myself providing the funds for the teaching, dictionaries for the children and so on.
Together we have made a huge success out of this and our students regularly score 8-9.5 for English at school compared to 6-7.5 4 yrs ago and many are chosen represent their schools in English speaking contests and English quizes.
Tono Suhartono the inspiration for the classes has won one English speaking contest and come second in another and has been MC of two english speaking contests and he is only 13 yrs old.
The children learnt by white board for the first two yrs and then in Dec 2003 I donated my laptop computer so they could also learn via cds and this has been a great success.
I also bought a mobile phone for Tono's father and every Sunday one of the students is chosen to send me sms in long english for one hour and this regular communication has proved to be really successful and motivating for the students.
Besides my interest with the English school I have spent the past 4.5 years going on various travel forums and promoting Indonesia at every opportunity.
From November 2000 until about Nov 2003 I received over 1,000 emails from travellers wanting to know about my 4 month trip to Indonesia in 2000. The response was due to my posting my email address on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree site.
Sadly these days the number of travellers inquiring about Indonesia on Thorn Tree has slowed down which is such a shame as Indonesia is such a marvellous country in so many ways.
But I am hoping this will change as more travellers relate their postive experiences of their trips to Indonesia.
My photos have yielded over 9,400 views since May 19th and I am hoping that people will be inspired to go and visit Indonesia.


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You are who you are =)


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Hi, you know the song Stranded from Van Morrison from the album Magic Time? Well, I am stranded at the end of the world. It's a world I don't know. It's like I am stranded between the devil and the deep blue sea. I am stranded in my own little island but my eyes are opened wide.
I came for the first time in 1980 to Indonesia with some Indo-friends of mine and I became an Indonesia Junky. It's like "narkoba"; it gets you and after a few years in 1988 I got stranded here in Ambon and Jakarta with my Moluccan wife from Holland and our beautiful son. But we got stranded; also our relationship. All my Indo-friends and Moluccan friends from Holland were always talking about the fact that they will once going back to their country of origine. Well I thought I make the first move, but....... I am still waiting for them; nobody followed after 17 years.
Now I am completely stranded with a Kalimantan-Jowo girl and 2 (again) beautiful daughters. Fortunately I didn't felt the need to look for a girl for the first 7 years cause I had my beauiful wife with me from Holland. But Indonesia sucks and kills. I lost my wife who returned to Holland with my son (good thing to do to go before this country kills you).
After that, fortunately I already learned a lot about the tricks of the "white hunters" and wasn't so easy to get me in. But after all, I'm stranded; although I am quite happy now with my nowadays understandable wife and kids.
But think twice, three times before you settle here as a western cause I got lost after all these years and don't know where to go anymore.
I am working hard, having about 5 jobs to survive and to sustain my family, my children in a jungle, survival of the fittest, without cheating and corruption I managed to earn the same as I would have done in Holland. But I have seen so many foreigners ruined. Mostly people hear only the nice stories, but about 80% are sad stories.
Anyway, my story is not a sad story cause I am quite happy between Jakarta-Semarang-Yogya-Bali, the places where I mostly hang around and work (once a week in the plane to some place somewhere in Indonesia; have seen them all from Jambi to Timika).
But still: I am stranded.

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Im Eyal, 20yrs old and from Holland. I study Hotel- Hospitality Management in The Hague and in October I will go to Indonesia for 9 monts for my traineeship. I will do 5 months in Jakarta and 4 months in Bali.

This will be my first time in Indonesia and I am very exciting as I never have been in asia before! The reason why I chose Indonesia for doing my internship is because im very interested in Indonesia, their culture,and I would like to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

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Hallo all,

My name is Wulandari, and putri is my favorite nickname (my husband create that for me, luv it), married to a dutchie, and since 1999 living in NL,
I recognise my country or sometimes myself in all your comments or stories, and in the same time I recognise NL as well, that's why I feel like home on this site. And I love the humor about our countries (INA -NL). Great site, and it is nice to meet you all .. Emoticon: Bye bye salam manis dan sampai jumpa..

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