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Borobudur tample isn't included 7 world wonder anymore. That's announcement became from Lisabon, Portugal, Saturday (7/7) night. From polling more than 100 million voter, There is elected Taj Mahal (India), Pink Petra ruin (Yordania) and Kristus statue in Rio de Janeiro. It was also elected Machu Picchu Inka ruin (Peru) and old city of Mayan or Chichen Itza (Meksiko). Still hold out, Giant wall (China) and Roma Coliseum.

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If all the inhabitants of Indonesia joint the voters, then probably the Borobudur was still on the list.
Besides, the way (non-Buddhist) Indonesians are treating this Buddhist "world wonder", is of huge disgrace.

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yes it's because the indonesians didn't join the voting, or they would have been included (considering the population)...I saw a newsitem about jordania, there more then a million people voted in the last few days before the deadline, there had been a big national campaign, as a result, petra is on the list (and that will bring extra tourists, no doubt about it)

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I don't think Borobudur was ever included in the Seven World Wonders anyway. It's a shame, but I can't help it. I don't know who could join the voting, but the result of the voting for the best Dutch book ever was a disgrace as well.

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It's a big shame Borobudur was not included... Personally I thought Suharto's non-existent fortune would make it to the list Emoticon: Smile Emoticon: Party!

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Indonesian Government did not care about this. Actually if they made a campaign to get voting then Borobudur still remain as Seven World Wonder. Mostly Indonesian did not aware and did not know about this. So sad and it is really a shame.

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Borobudur is not included on the list because of the Indonesian culture.
The problem of many Indonesians is the ability to communicate and to promote. Not between each other but between Indonesians and non-Indonesians.
And the fact that Borobudur is not included on the list of 7 world wonders reflects the neglectance of the Indonesians. But also the fact that competition and the defence of Indonesian interests is not being seen as important.

A shame but who is to be blamed!!!!!! Emoticon: Frustrated Emoticon: Yawn

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