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I change the topic become : How many Indonesian songs you recognize?

I really love this song "Hapus Aku" (Nidji)
"Buang semua puisi diantara kita berdua, kau bunuh dia sesuatu, yang kusebut itu cinta......Yakinkan aku tuhan, dia bukan milikku, biarkan waktu..waktu..Hapus Aku, sadarkan aku tuhan, dia bukan milikku, biarkan waktu..waktu...hapus aku..

So, how many Indonesian songs you recognize? Say it as much as you know.
We can share together. Emoticon: Yes!

Ok, I'll start frm myself. Here we go :
Roman Picisan frm DEWA, Bisa Saja frm GIGI, Ada Apa DenganMu frm PETERPAN, Hapus Aku frm NIDJI, Tong Kosong frm SLANK, Lu tu Ye frm /RIF, Kau Pikir Kau Lah Segalanya frm EDANE.

There is much more, you know it, you name it.


Feel free to hear & download my songs :

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I really love all songs from Homogenic. It is a trio that plays music more or less identic to Bjork. Their new album is "Echoes of the Universe". You can buy their albums (only two so far) through Apple podcast - Europe market.

I like Gigi and Cokelat with almost all of their songs.

I stay away from Dewa and Ahmad Band because I don't fancy Dhani Ahmad's personality. I think social responsibilities should applied for famous people and he doesn't have any.

Of course, I love best female vocal like Ruth Sahanaya and Rita Effendi.

History does have tendency to repeat itself, it only costs more. (Verleyen)

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Ten2five are my favorite for the atmosphere they create. And I like some songs of Krisye for their musical quality.

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Ten2five , great music. I like Kerispatih also, "Mengenangmu". Also female singers such as Audy. Chrisye is a legend, his musical quality stays forever.

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I like the artists that I cover in my recordings, especially Chrisye and the Ada Band.
Recently somebody told me about Letto. They have a nice album, called Thruth, Cry and Lie. I am currently recording their song Ruang Rindu, which I like a lot.
Something completely different is Gita Gutawa, her album Kembang Perawan. And there are many many more to explore......... The Indonesian music scene is huge.

Dutch guy singing Indonesian songs at

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