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Dead man travels across Java unnoticed on train
A dead passenger has traveled on a train on an executive passenger train for at least half a day before being noticed. This was reported by an Indonesian newspaper yesterday. Family members found the body of Edy Haryanto, 55, sitting in a locked lavatory on Thursday afternoon, more than one day after he had boarded the train in the central Javanese town of Tegal together with some friends, Warta Kota newspaper said.
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I hope that the Indonesian newspapers will also pay attention to people in Holland and Germany lying dead for years without being noticed by neighbours or family.
My point: what is the purpose of this topic??

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Indonesian news(papers) generally orientates itself at local Indonesian news, much more so than people in the Netherlands are used to.

This topic? I guess it is started to see what people think of it, since most people see Indonesia as a social country. I can't imagine the train was empty all that time, so people 'just don't care', like anywhere else.

Ho Lee Fuk

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Well, Indonesia is very proud of its claim as a social country with humble and caring Indonesian living here. As the previous reply asking that : what is the purpose of this report? Iím quite agree with the next reply which stated that most of Indonesia newspapers were oriented on reporting its local news. The purpose of the article might be to questioned the cultural value, where are caring and humble Indonesian when there is dead man Ďtravelsí and remain unnoticed for several days. The authorís intention could be to bring up the fact in Indonesian everyday life, where like anywhere else in the world people in big country become more and more individualistic. They tend to ignore others and do only best for themselves. People might get curious when, assume there was a man reported that he found a dead man on the lavatory, he would get into so much trouble. He would probably get arrested because he will suspected as a murderer. Since the law enforcement in Indonesia is not quite relevant, people become more careful in handling things, because they do not want get accused for some good thing they are willing to do Ė in this case help to notice the dead man.

Iím quite sure that the news might be interesting to be placed on newspapers, to increase the level of awareness for each other. But the reasonable placing should not be the headline, since there must be more important and influential headline news for Indonesian today.

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