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Playboy editor cleared of indecency in Indonesia
The court in South Jakarta cleared the editor of Playboy in Indonesia of distributing indecent pictures to the public and earning money from them after a high-profile trial that exposed deep differences in the nation. Chief editor Erwin Arnada argued tat the magazine was good for developing a pluralistic society, while the prosecution and Islamic hardliners who have regularly attended the trial said it 'harmed the nation's morals'.
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Pfff luckily...there's still hope for Indonesia

Gracias. Sama sama

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The fundamentalists are a curse for all thinking people. The Islam always was a very tolerant religion, but because of the influence of the Saoudie Arabic interpretation of the Koran, everybody has to obey them. To hell with them.

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but of course the editor got cleared...there wasn't any nudity in his magazine! this 'case' should never even have gone to just shows the influence that a small group of moslim hard-liners have here in indonesia..I say, together with chirpy, to hell with them!

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I think it's because of the name "Playboy", most of the consevative moslem groups banned this magazine. They didn't even had read it, even the government, otherwise they didn't forbid it for the the time beeing and jailed the editor in chief.

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Name: Panditi 0
To: Mr. Patrick – for web ct assignment

The conflict between Playboy Indonesia and FPI seems became never ending story. Although the court already declared that Erwin Ananda, editor of Playboy Indonesia, was not guilty, the problem still not over yet. Actually, there were many printed media published in Indonesia used girl (s) wear bikini as cover. Let say, Popular, Matra, Liberty and Top as ‘representative’ of magazine. Meanwhile; Pop, Sensasi Hot in tabloid format. Those media existed a long time ago before Playboy Indonesia published. There were never any complains to those magazines/tabloids. To be honest, I think FPI disturbed with the name of Playboy. Because once people heard name Playboy, they will related to pornography. You can see in American version of playboy, there was a girl that poses topless. However there were no photos like that in Indonesian Playboy. Frankly, other Indonesian male magazines exposed the sensuality of a girl more vulgar than Playboy Indonesia. The conclusion was, it was not because of the contents, it was all because the brand, “Playboy”.

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