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Playboy editor faces two years in prison
Government prosecutors today demanded two years in jail for the editor of Playboy Indonesia for violating anti-indecency laws. They are supposed to have published 'porn' pictures in the magazine. Security was high when Chief Prosecutor Resni Muchtar told the court in South Jakarta that editor Erwin Arnanda 'damaged the nation's morality'. He has been given time until 22 March for their defense.
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Sad to see that he will be sacrificed to satisfy a very small portion of the country, namely those fundamentalists. I hope someone higher (lets's say SBY) will intervene in this process and stops this nonsense. I'm sure they can spend their time much better than just this little issue.

By the way, this reminds me to buy a Maxim, FHM or something this week Emoticon: Wink

Ho Lee Fuk

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This is so said. Freedom of expression is worth nothing. The prosecutor Resni Muchtar is talking about religious morality but he forget's that Indonesia is compromised of different religious groups and cultures.

If this worthless chit chat continues the unity of the NKRI will be under pressure.

For a technocratic Indonesia with foreign investors but not foreign owned Indonesian companies

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hlo, this is Irsan.. Emoticon: Bye bye I use my friend's ID because Ican't login with my ID.
for this case I personally agree with REsni Muchtar that playboy's editor Erwin Arnanda damaged the nation's morality because he misused the mass media and technology and damaged many people moral. I believe that many rape case in Indonesia occured because of pornography. may statement is definitely proven by news we saw everyday. some of the rape case we saw sometimes occured by family self. like father rape his own daughter. this definitely damaged the morality many innocent woman lose their spirit to survive because they very ashamed to face other people Emoticon: Frustrated . but I thing the punishment that given to Erwin is enough. why should he get more? I thing the playboy magazine not show porn picture like other magazine. it still has ethics. how about other magazine that still free to show more pornographic picture? even though many muslim said that the punishment is not enough. they are too extreme about it Emoticon: Angry

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Nowadays in Indonesia, there had been pros and contrast about pornography. Everybody have their own opinion or perception about the issue. The latest issue about it is the Playboy case, in which the editor of the magazine has been accuse for ‘damaging the nation’s morality’ by publishing ‘porn’ pictures in the magazine. I personally did not agree with this statement. I found that the government is overreacting because from my point of view, pictures in Playboy Indonesia is not to vulgar comparing to other men’s magazines distributed in Indonesia. Regarding this fact, I think there must be another issue of money game or money politics.

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