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Yes, it is expensive to get your driving license in Holland but it is not possible anymore to change an Indonesian license in a Dutch one. You have to do everything from the beginning: start lessons in Holland and do the test.

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A few posts above you find a link with information from the RDW.

The so called motor bebek, with around 125cc, can be better compared with a fast "brommer/scooter" then a motorcycle as we know here in Holland. The one I drove in Jakarta was a semi-automatic and even didn't had a clutch (koppeling) which you had to operate. Will be big fun if you wan't to do directly your practical exam... at second you need a motorcycle from a drivingschool and i think that you have to show your skills to the instructor before you can do any examination here in Holland.... and before you can start with this you have to do the unforgettable theory examination again...

"Veel mensen hebben een te hoge dunk van wat ze niet zijn, en een te geringe dunk van wat ze wel zijn".

fred uk
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I was stopped in a sweep while riding a bike a few weeks ago. I had the docs for the bike and my UK licence. The police seemed far more interested to see what a UK licence was like that worrying about it's validity.
They were very nice to me.

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Yesterday I was stopped by the police - all motorcycles were checked. I showed by STNK and international drivers lisence and the police officer didn't understand it at all. He could not find my photograph which is in the back. When he wanted to ask a colleague I showed him where it was. "Eureka!" he almost spoke out, seen his face. I wonder how many years of police school this smart guy had.

After that I was free to go, of course.

Ho Lee Fuk

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