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I was in a chat room, as most online romances happen. I had been on the Internet and chatting for almost three years. I was bored one afternoon, so I decided to go into a chat room.
I had been in this particular room many times before, and met some very interesting people in it. While I was in there, I noticed two guys talking. One was married and had kids, and the other was asking questions like what is was like to be a father, etc.
I was most interested in him, he sounded so sweet. So I decided to start chatting with him. We didn't get to chat long, because of the 6-hour time difference, but it was a wonderful chat. He was a few years older than me, but I figured age didn't matter if we have a good chat.
We got to talking about many things, mostly music though. Before he had to leave he gave me his e-mail address and I gave him my yahoo Instant Messenger screen name. A few days later while I was online someone IM’d me, and it was him. He told me who it was and we started chatting. Like most people, we had many things in common. We had similar views on life, etc.
After many more conversations, I realized I was really starting to like this european guy. I had promised myself before that it's just not right for people over the Internet to be "in love," and that I'd never do such a thing. It just didn't seem right to me. Since, I thought, you never knew whom you are really talking to. Well, my opinions started to change, very quickly too.
All I have to say is that I have never loved someone so much before. Whoever says you can't love online, obviously hasn't.
But now cause im single he found the one he love in his country, so now i am looking for a friend guess it hurts me badly

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Hi marzakelstyn

Sorry to hear of your news, life is a bitch sometimes, but if you fancy chatting to an Englishman sometimes I`m here!!.

But with regards to your story, on a recent flight to Indonesia, I was sat next to an Indonesian lady, I was about to put on my headphones and listen to the mind garbage and be completely unsociable, but I felt a hello was the right thing to do, 7 hours later we were still talking, probably much to the annoyance of the other passengers!!.

But in the conversation I found out that she had been speaking to a French man for a about a year on the internet via a chat room, they are now married and very happy together, so it does happen.

Moral of the story you have nothing to lose in a chat room and who knows where it could end, and two, everyone start talking to your eighbour on the next plane 1, you also never know where it may end and 2, was the best 7 hours conversation I have had in a long time.

Best wishes Alan

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Sorry to read it did not work out.But in the internet you have friends and enemies.Next time try if he or she wants to meet you for real.You get to know someone better if you are together.I hope you will find your true guy and just never give up hope. Emoticon: Shiny

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With this high technology that makes everything become unreal
so i would say NO

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I relate to your story and I too had similar situation appart that on my story we got in to a deeper situation and created more deeper emotional encounters. I used to chat a lot on the net and both got madly inloved, even at the begining I was cautious to be in love through internet meeting. we were friends for 5 years and during those time I was always there for him if there were issues were bothering him, included when he was feeling not worth of living under the marriege broken up. His married never been notified to me for all those years, until i busted him with a question of " how's your marriege by the way" then he told me that his job as a Marine made it hard in their marriege, so then I said " actually i never hear that you were married but now i know. so that i chosed my words very carefully not to mislead to any encouragement of deceit on his end.

2 years down the track he sent me long email stated that he got devorced and scared of losing custody of his kids, but i insisted him to be calm and gave him some samaritans, and great advices until he felt a lot better after talking 2 - 3 times everyday to me. So with so many phone calls during that period to me, there was some attraction between us and he finaly fell in for me big time, I did not expect that at all. He then decided to see me here in New Zealand for the first time since we knew each other for 6 years then. We both excited and that was so unreal to see each other in person. funny enough that we felt totally in control and there was no awkwardness between us, and we shared the 3 weeks holiday together on road tripping from top to down south island. It was great and I never felt so inloved with anyone before, and that was the true love for both of us. He gave me his Nato medal from his service in Dutch Marine as a symbilised of man of honour, I hesitated to received it because it was not belong to me. He of course insisted me to take it, as according to him that I more deserved to have it, because in his eye I was the hero to make him survived in Afganistan when no body cared about him. He was insisted me to moved to Holland wanted to marry me, it was a long process of doing that until the time was never came up, regardless I prepared being in Indonesia to follow procedures in regards to immigrate to Netherland, as I was still holiding Indonesian passport. I visited Holland few times during my stay in Indonesia and we were married under the cultural religion but not under civil law. We got frustrated and mostly me back and forth between two countries, all we wanted to be together. For me it was hard to get used to the Indo culture again after being in New Zealand since 1993. There were so many inconvenients occured during my visit, mostly so slow just to get anywhere. Tobe honest systems over there sucks big time, lead me to frustration and hard to get some positive advice from people as there were so many shalow minded, who won't accepted me for who I was and i was tired just to proved my point basicly.

I finally getting dumped by him in his arrival to Indonesia at the same night I picked him up at the Airport, I was disbelieved and not knowing how he came up with the topic, as I thought our love was pretty strong, but I had suspecion about it as he never called me as often as he used to, also a vivid dream.
So you could imagine how I felt...I was lost for being in Indo, as I never felt that my family helped me enough to support my emotional ordeal and all, as they all only want my money in my perceptoin, once im in the hardship no body cared, but only one good neigbour who helped me a lot. So yea that was the most darkest moment for me ever with having love encounter with person on the net. He left me in the cold without looking back, or at least support me in returning me to New Zealand because here where I found home.

I felt like I was savagely brutalised when he sent me short email, stated that he is not longer loving me and he is inloved with somebody else in Holland. I was shocked but at the same time I wasn't because I had an intuiton in my dream about his affair and I told him about that 1 month before he dumped me. I was depressed for awhile and mainly asking my self questions after questions, why did i deserve all of those while i never done anything to hurt him just like i promised in the begining, but he crossed his promised to me. Now I am back in New Zealand and happy with my new life, and continued what i left off before I met him as being a musician and a teacher. To what I have known he was the most i felt inloved with and most evil hated by me, and I would never forget that.


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Hi Slinky,
Very sorry to hear your story.
What a jerk (at the end).
Notwithstanding the always possibility that one can always fall in love with another person when being separated, and that frustrations about immigrations may drive you/him to it, still one must have the "balls" to speak it out when those things develop.
Our mister "tough Marine" obviously isn't tough in posture.

But somehow one should know that a "soldier" (Marine or not) is not the cleverest type of man. Especially one that could know that he is at risk of being sent to ugly places and not be up for it ("and feeling helpless and lost in Afghanistan" sob sob- ). How much stupid , or proof of "unintelligece" can you want ..

Lessons to be learned. Emoticon: Bye bye

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