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I did not realize that my 60 day visa was a 211 'B' which is a social visa and can be extendable- how silly of me! I could got at least one month more out of one or two of my 60 day visa.
See belwo for the reent discussion on Thorn Tree. Pamela

Posted: 22 Dec 2006
60 Day Visa B-211


I was recently issued a 60 day visa for Indonesia in Penang. The process itself was pretty painless. Now I am wondering about the type of visa that I was issued. The visa is a type "B" index "211". If I do read the information on this page correctly, that would actually mean that the visa is not a tourist visa, but a social visit visa. If this is correct, that would mean the visa is extendable, which would be great, since I would not have to worry about doing a visa run.

Two Questions:

First, am I right, about the visa category, or is this just a tourist visa.

Second, if this is indeed a social visit visa, where can I extend it, what do I need to extend it, and how painfull and/or complicated is the procedure?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Posted: 22 Dec 2006

Your visa 211 'B" is indeed the social visa. This is extendable. Of course extending it will be the next step. If you happen to be in Bali, I can possibly help you. If you are in another area ask for the help of someone before the 60 day period expires. With 211 social visa you can extend easily enough after 60 days but the next extension after another 30 days is when fingerprints and all of the other bullshit comes into it. This is when you will need a bit of help from a local. Cheers Ron

Posted: 23 Dec 2006

Oh, My God, how silly am I?
I just checked my visa I received in Penang on October 11th and it is a 211 B and looking back through my passport all my 60 day visas have been the same and I never knew.
But I guess traversing Indonesia the way I do it, would have made getting extensions very difficult- is that true.

Posted: 24 Dec 2006

oh Pamela... you got social and culture visit visa but didnt extend it????
extending social culture visa is very easy. just grab an indonesian who has complete document of family card, ID card, etc and ask him to sign a letter guaranteing that you wont violate any Indonesian law. That's all. In Surabaya it was quite efficient work.

Posted: 24 Dec 2006

Hi Hongmingd,

Unwittingly so... had no idea until the OP mentioned it above. Yes, I know about the social visa as I was able to get one for a woman Emma who posted on here at beginning of the year. She was able to spend a wonderful 3 months in Bukittinggi and Lake Maninjau through my contact in Bukittinggi who did all the signing etc and psoting to Australia.
My contact is currently looking after another Thorn Tree traveller who arrived in Bukittinggi yesterday with his family. But this time no social visa just a quick non stop 6 days in the area.
By the way what part of the world are you exploring now?


Posted: 24 Dec 2006

Love your site as always - Those photographs of yours are breathtaking- you have such an incredible talent!! Pamela.

Posted: 24 Dec 2006

Travelling in Sumatra, Java, Lombok & Sulewesi on a Social visa would have been difficult but you might have managed it.

All the extensions would have to be done in the same immigration office.

If you were happy to leave your passport with a freind (your sponsor) while you travelled, then gone back to pick it up before you left, it would have been okay.

Next time!

From the sounds of your posts, I have a feeling next time will be sooner rather than later!

Posted: 24 Dec 2006

Agreed Mimpi, But maybe I could have got at least one extension which would have been great.
And yes, you are right part of me wants to be there right NOW!!! It seems the longer I am home, the more I long for Indonesia.

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