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Anarchy reigns in West Lombok

Back to Lombok after almost two years - my last visit to this beautiful and quiet island east of the messy Bali dates back to January 2005 - I noticed that certain things had changed, and too bad not only for the good of the island. It has nothing to do with increased tourist numbers to the island or the fact that big positive points are to be awarded.

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Does anyone know if this is still the situation at Lembar? Does anyone have information about travelling between lombok and bali by ferry? Where can I get such information?

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Hi glenj,
Ask on this forum www and check out this forum on Lombok
My friend Gemma created this Lombok Lovers forum yrs ago.
Someone will be able to help you.

I personally would be flying from Bali to Mataram Lombok- flight takes 20 minutes compared to 4 hrs by ferry plus waiting at either end Padangbai Bali or Lembar Lombok for up to another 2 hrs each way making your trip about 6+ hours from Bali to Lombok.
Plus I do not like the condition o0f the ferries myself. I onlky everventured over by ferry and that was 2000, since then I have always flown.
There are aboiut 3 ariliines that fly from Bali to Lombok.
Where will you visiting whilst on Lombok?

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I have lived in Lombok for more than 8 years. I have one adage about traveling to Bali and Lombok. Go to Bali if you want a pleasant vacation, go to Lombok if you want an adventure. I have met authors from foreign countries who come to Lombok every year to write novels because they can find characters and situations that can be adapted into their books.

Unless you stick to the Senggigi area, the rest of Lombok has not been westernized. Some of us find that a welcome change from the well-trodden places where millions of tourist have corrupted the original culture with the large amounts of money they spend like water.

Two years ago I vowed to find something original in Bali – so I went to Ubud. I knew I was in trouble when I was on a road named Monkey Forest Road, only to discover that all the monkeys were in a zoo! Talk about “paving paradise and putting up a parking lot” – that is the story of Bali, it’s a crowded tourist trap (in my opinion). If you come to Lombok you will see monkeys beside the road – doing all the wild things that real, untamed monkeys do.

And so it is with much of Lombok Island. You will see tropical islanders the way God created them. A group of men who live by the harbor are, by nature, untamed and rude. This is typical of most harbors around the world. On the other hand, in the villages you will not find a more genuinely friendly, hospitable group of people who will share their home-grown fruit and coffee with you.

There are no fences or police around the waterfalls – you can climb and jump and swim naked. No one will stop you. Drive without a license? If caught you must pay the police Rp.50,000 – instant Lombok-style justice. I could tell you stories to fill half-dozen books. I have never been bored a single day of my life.

Go to Bali for a vacation, come to Lombok for the adventure.

Hideaway Bungalow in Kuta Lombok - check my homepage

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Well Hobo1, in one way you are right but at the other hand also a little bit exagerated. In a certain way Lombok is okay, but when you start talking about hospitable and share, then I do have other experiences.

But anyway, you're right about the harbour thing. It is the same in Benoa harbour in Bali, in the terminals and on the airports in a lot of places in Java, like Jakarta (Halim airport), Bandung (almost everywhere, from shopping-mall to hotels). So, that is (unfortunately) something that's not specific for Lombok.

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