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Nona and Desi,

I think it is too easy to think that the English were better rulers. Malaysia, or Malakka if you want, is much smaller than Indonesia and therefore easier to be controlled. You can not compare them. You said it yourself Nona, Indonesians are different. Maybe less disciplined?

tunawisma, tunakarya, tunamasalah

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dear all,

Jesus, I don't want to choose which country to invade Indonesia! Isn't it better to be free? If I could choose, I'd rather Indonesia not being occupied by any country at all. However good the invaders are, the invaders are still invaders, which have their own agenda.


P.S. I think not only CIA has info about Indonesia and other countries - and try to have influence somehow. I am sure all contry with good intelligence services (do I spell right?) have information regarding other countries and will use the information for their countries' benefits.

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S.mua yth.,

I do not like hypothetical questions of what if !!!
Will it ever come across your minds that if the British colonialised INDOnesia, Malaysia and INDOnesia will be combined !!!
On European scale: 'What would Dutch people say if the Netherlands with Belgium will be combined with Germany ???'
What I mean with: in every advantage is a disadvantage, and the other way around, is that INDOnesia should not look at its nasty things like corruption/ineffecticness/shortsidedness/etc. alone !!!
But must combine/use the positive and negative things in a total consept; INDOnesia, preferably NUSAnTara, as a consept is unique.
So therefore the country needs to use its own resources for its own benefit, instead of spilling it in such a large scale.
'It should not complain what is not unable, but what is able !!!'

Greets ... Anis

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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