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Trying to track down where the name Bali comes from. Some say it is related to the Hindu myth of Lord Vishnu and King Bali. Some say it is from a Portuguese word--some say it is related to the god Baal. Help!

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From Sanskrit , Bali Dwipa = Island of Bali.

See also the ancient name of Java , Java Dwipa , Isle of Rice
Or Sumatra , Swarna Dwipa , Isle of Gold.

More info

Bisa dicek mas .

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Thanks for your note--but that still does not explain where "Bali" comes from. Island of Bali--who or what is Bali?

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There are many opinions served regarding this matter due to lack of valid inscriptions explained. Name of Bali is related with the coming of ancient sage name Bathara Rawang resided in East Java, the first who came to the island with his followers through the woods overcame the beast attack and the desease, on his way to build a new village. He called then the island as the land of Bebali (means offerings) and made his base in Besakih Temple.

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On 23-06-2014 16:47 emenius80 wrote: He called then the island as the land of Bebali (means offerings) and made his base in Besakih Temple.

Can you identify the language? This sounds too good to be true...

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Yes it does. And what about Bebali being the name of a traditional ceremony (with dance)?

Our Balinese neighbor states they have two theories on the name:
  • It comes from the word Wali. And that, indeed, means offerings.
  • Vali was a wanara (kind of forest ghost) in Hindu mythology. The Indonesian version became Bali.

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    Right, but what was the name of the island before Hinduism introduced itself?
    The words Bebali and Wali come probably the closest because offering was already a common tradition long before Hinduism made (no not "Made" Emoticon: Wink its entry. If one looks at the Bali Aga religion (actually the pre-Hindu religion, later mixed with Hinduism) one can notice that offerings were already common before Hinduism was introduced.

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    I find this very interesting.
    I've lived in Indo for some time now and I've never bothered to ask what the names mean?
    Any information on the origins on "Indonesia?"

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