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Good evening,

I will go to Jakarta in december for about 4 months and an half to finish a master's degree in Information Technology. To do that, I will be a guest of University Indonesia of Jakarta during the session of winter 2007.
Thus, I schedule to profite of my time there to look for a work or a stage related to my field.
The thing is, I know that Indonesia is a country where the law allows companies to recruit foreigner only if they can't find the competences locally.
My citizenship is french so I hold an european passport and I make my studies in Canada so I hold a permanent resident visa for Canada.
I speak french as my birth language and english but u will easily understand that I don't speak indonesian. I began to learn this language with a book but I couldn't find any courses in Canada so when I will be in Jakarta, I can't pretend to speak indonesian even if I will take courses once I will be there.
The related fields of work that I'm looking for are project manager, IT consulting, knowledge management or analyst/developper.
The last thing is I already came to Jakarta last december for one month to visit
some friends there so the place isn't totally new for me.

The main reason why I make this post is because I would like to get an objective opinion on the posibilities for me to work in Jakarta as a foreigner.
I've already looked on this 2 websites :

But to be honest, even if there are lot of work related to my field, it doesnt mean I can find one since I'm just a foreigner. Maybe someone has the same kind of experience and found a work in Jakarta as a foreigner or u could give me some tips/advices concerning the possibilities for a foreigner to find a work in these fields.

Im sorry for the long post and thank u for reading me.

Have a really good day,


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dear Little marmot,

I'm dutch and work near and in Jakarta.

there is one thing very important for work and that is: contacts, friends.

Without contacts, friends, around here it is very hard to find a decent job.
I started my work in Jakarta through "friends" that had business here, so for me it went all very easy (I work as an engineer in the CD production business).and from the one the other came.

I read that you first will be a guest in a university.
I would suggest that you meet as many people as possible and find opportunities through them.

I think that job sites like you mention will not work.

Good luck..


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You are looking for a job for 4 months? full time?

Begin de details te vergeten

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Thx for ur reply dutchguy.
JohanN, Im looking for a full time work or a full time stage to begin right after my studies what will be in june 2007. I will have a socio-cultural visa from december to may which allow me to stay in Jakarta to make some interviews and finish my thesis and I will have to come back to Canada in may to give my thesis. After that, well like everyone I have to find a work.


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