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Chris B
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Hello all,

I am curious how Americans are recieved in Bali????

User icon of Jeroen
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Tourists? Expats?

Guess it depends on much more than just 'being American'. Some Aussies tend to get drunk and behave improper (my own experience) and I can understand why people don't like them.

Chris B
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What is an "EXPATS"?????

What is the general view on Tourist????

What are the main problems with tourist????

I guess my question is....are Americans UNwelcome in Bali???

User icon of Albert
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What, what what,what did you do to investigate this all by yourself?

We are not USA and do not live on Bali.

But if you behave normally and you have money why should they hate you? Bali is not Java.

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

User icon of kleinsmann
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Chris, just go and enjoy.You'll love it....
Only thing: Relaxe... (hehehe you sound so annoyed)
Fyi: Expat is someone working in country abroad.
Main problem with tourists is just general on Bali: Extreme drinkers and very noisy annoying people are not so welcome, but I think no place they are Emoticon: Smile Emoticon: Smile

CYA! Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye

Just because you're paranoid don't mean there're not after you...

User icon of aliakbar
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All expatsof any nationals always are warm welcomed in Indonesia, please dont get carried away with those warnings and alerts, and other fake news....

I love to stay here as an expat.....


www Jakarta through the Eyes of an Expat

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My husband and I love Bali. We have to save hard to get there--- but it is worth it. I would suggest that you learn some Bahasa Indonesia; even a little will do. The Balinese people seem to appreciate the fact that you have made the effort.

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What do they tell you back in the USA... ? New York is more dangarous to be I guess... Albert you say Bali is not Java... What is the idea behind this thought?

Tip for all a must see: The documentary 'In Plane Site DVD/video' see this link for more info:
Now where is it more dangarous here or....???


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= edit: wrong language =


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= edit: stop using capitals Emoticon: Angry =


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I am an American and have travelled to Java & Bali.

Bali's main town, Denpasar, has nightlife & crowds and gets rowdy. If you are looking for a quieter place, travel just outside Denpasar.

I prefer Bandung, Java. I love Bandung - a city in the mountains, perfect weather, great views and culturally very exciting.

Everywhere in Indonesia you will meet very beautiful, warm and sincere people - please show respect to them and treat them the same way.

. . . and, Indonesia is very, very safe.

selamat jalan!

User icon of sidia
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Si Neng ,

You are a friend
We need friends like you
terima kasih

Bisa dicek mas .

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