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Keep your kisses short in Tangerang
Unrelated people who kiss each other on the lips for more than five minutes at public places in the Indonesian city of Tangerang will face arrest, local media said on Friday.
The government in Tangerang, a suburb west of Jakarta, defended the regulation as a practical guideline for its officers to follow up on tough and heavily criticised anti-prostitution laws passed by the city council last year.
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So now it's allowed by law to kiss eachother for no more than five minutes, but adat still tells you not to kiss in public after all. I assume it's still better to live with the adat than the law though.

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we gonna have police with stopwatches now? it's just gonna be one more way for the police to extort money
anyways this is just a local by-law in tangerang...more worriesome is the national bill on pornography that is about to pass, that would make kissing (and holding hands!) in public a crime... hopefully there will be some reviews and more debate as there is a lot of public protest

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Name: Darius Hiroshi
To: Mr. Patrick - for web ct assignment

From what I have read from above comment, I would agree that Indonesian is still aware of such ĎAdatí law. I guess there is no need to make such hassle making a special rule for it in which people already obey the ĎAdatí law anyway. Thus, what Iím trying to say here that I agree that public display of affection is not ethical, but arresting people who kissed from more than 5 minutes to avoid prostitution is an unreasonable act. I say that if the government also aware of other criminal cases that happen in Tangerang since according to the newspaper there are cases related to drug dealing, illegal immigrants, etc; I think they should focus more to these cases. And if prostitution matter is the one that wanted to be decreased, they should track down the roots of the prostitution business itself, not by randomly catching acts of public kissing, as they maybe a real couple. I also think that public kissing is not the main cause of prostitution but more to the dirty mind that occurs in a personís brain.

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Name: Imelda
To: Mr. Patric-web ct
I think the government should be concern about other regulation which is more important than regulation about kissing in front of the public. This regulation seems too dramatize because kissing is very personal. It should be better to live by a culture and moral value of person rather than regulation.

The Eastern culture in Indonesia make Indonesian people has a certain value of tradition which guide them to behave based on their tradition. All of this is about the culture. In Western, kiss each other is a symbol of love and greeting with each other. It is not taboo to kiss a person although they are just friends of yours or may be spouse kiss each other on the street. Those kinds are representation of love.

So, government should be more focus on corruption, for instance, and other regulation to decrease the criminalization in Indonesia.

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