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Do you have an opinion on who should pay when it comes to men and women on dates? Are you a traditionalist who believes the man should always pay? Do you believe men and women should share dating expenses equally? Do your opinions change as the relationship progresses? We want to hear what you have to say about the great dating pay debate!

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Why should we need to start with given our opion.

Why don't you first start and we reply to it.
You opened the topic so you give your opinion first.

Who are "We?

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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First date : man should offer to pay , woman should insist half half
Second date -man pays
third date woman pays (but like a coffee date or something-not extravagant)
If continuing man takes responibilty for money, but woman insist on sometimes paying-like movie tickets or something.Hard balance to get right

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whoever got the money pays Emoticon: Puh! if she earns more then me, sure she can show i wont feel less of a man Emoticon: Wink Emoticon: Cooool

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'Having any trouble with 'the war of sexes', nowadays Kumar (yth.) ???' Emoticon: Wink
If there is 'real love' it is a question of 'give and take', there is also a possibility of dividing 'in two' do you think so .... I guess you have also idea(s) of your own ,or do you want us to think for you ...... Emoticon: Wink Emoticon: Wink Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Yes!
The role of women in society is getting more exepted, globaly speaking; yesterday I saw a on BBC World/Asia today, an item about Bangladesh, it seems that more woman are participating in their economy than a big country as (H)India !!!
Woman tends to be more successfull in this economy than men; this fact is remarkable for an Muslim country !!!
They seem to advance too, by making more out of their 'macro-credits' .......

A 'background article':

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

Lilla Mue
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Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user profile. Sascha

I am 100% agree with you. Thatīs the way supose to be....

Stay tune

Emoticon: Party!

Life is beautiful

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