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As you all know I'l start working in Indonesia. So far so good.
Since a few weeks I have a very big problem and I might found the solution...
My contract date is a bit delayed but I still want to go since my wife is pregnant so the sooner I'm there the better.
I want to arrange a (multiple visit) business visa but I don;t have a good letter yet.
What i need is a letter where a company from Indonesia (local PT) invistes me to come for do investigation or something. I found letters on the net where the PT declares that they hire me but I don;t need that, just as lets say consultant or something.
Hope somebody can help me, I'm desperate....

Thx ya!


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If you just need a Invitation , This will help

The undersigned:
Place/Date of Birth:
Yearly income:
ID Card Number:
Passport/Immigration Document:

With respect, forward this request for a foreigner:

Passport/Immigration Document:
Accompanying/Family relationship:

As this person's sponsor, I am completely responsible for the following:

1. Behavior and actions of this foreigner throughout their stay in Indonesia.
2. All costs that arise from the visit of this foreigner until he/she returns to her/his home country.

Thus this request and sponsorship letter is written in all truth and sincerity and if the information above doesn't fulfill the responsibilities, I am prepared to be charged according to existing regulations.



www Jakarta through the Eyes of an Expat

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The above letter can be done by any Indonesian citizen for you, But I think they will give you a simple tourist visa , to enter Indonesia, you may stay here for 60 days then.

Then if your company has already arranged the working visa for you, You may advise them to issue the visa in Singapore so then you could travel to Singapore (which is near) take your working visa and enter back to Indonesia...IF more questions ask me...I am used to in this process hehe..

www Jakarta through the Eyes of an Expat

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Ik zoek voor de periode van half oktober voor één week een goedkoop huisje of hotel op bali

Kan iemand mij helpen

groet henk

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Ik denk dat je wel wat info kan vinden onder de nederlandstalige afdeling van deze site over Hotels en dergelijke.
Met vriendelijke groet,

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Als ik Bali bezoek kom ik al sinds jaren in het Legian Beach Bungalow Park, In de Jl Padma te Legian.
Het is een zeer eenvoudige Bungalow, maar wel netjes.
Voor 2 personen betaal ik 6000 Rp - is ongeveer 6 Euro.
Bungalow heeft 2 bedden, nachtkastje, Klerenkast, Badkamer met ligbad, toilet en wastafel. En een ventilator.
Onder een afdak 2 stoelen en een tafel.
Een heerlijk zwembad en een kantine.
De prijs is inclusief ontbijt.

Zoek via google naar Legian Beach Bungalow en je ziet een paar foto's

Veel succes

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Dear People,

This is the ENGLISH part of the Forum.
In the DUTCH Forum you can find discussions about Hotels/Guesthouses.

Hope i didn't offend anybody.

Kepala botak tapi dengan otak

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Hello Martijn,
You need not only the sponsorletter, als copy of:
KTP sponor
Surat Keterangan Domisile Usaha
Kartu nomor Poko Wajib Pajak
Tanda Daftar Perusahaan P{ersekutuan Kamanditer

Als this letters and the sponsor letter have to be send to a Departmen in Jakarta.
This departmens send a telex with the approval to the ambassedy of your choice.
To get this visa you need to go to a other country, still after 6 months you have to leave the country once.
I thik its much more easy and also cheaper tol let your wife sponsor for you for a social budaya.
This visa is normal specialy for people they like to leave the country a seviral times without lossing the right of the visa.
Nice to hear thatt your wife is alreay pregnant

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Hi Martijn,

You just need invitation letter from PT.(Indonesia). They invite you for a business meeting in indonesia.
Bring that invitation letter to Indonesia Embassy in Singapore (the nearest), they will give you Single Business Visa for 60 days and you can extend in Indonesia 4 times ( 1 time = 30 days ). But if you need Multiple Business Visa, see promotie bali suggestion.

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