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17-01-2015 18:16 · [news] Three more bodies of AirAsia victims to Surabaya hospital  (1 reaction)
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16-01-2015 02:15 · [news] Indonesia to execute six drug convicts  (0 reactions)

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East Timor films banned by Indonesia
Indonesia has banned three films about its long and bloody occupation of East Timor, saying that if local audiences were to see them it could "reopen old wounds" as the two countries try to move forward. The films had been scheduled for screenings at a film festival last month in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, but were pulled at the last minute.
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That's how "free" n "open" media works in indonesia. Emoticon: Stupid
Dont learn from the past, just forget the past. Hard to understand asian mentality. Emoticon: Wink

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Hi Sascha,
this is quite normal behaviour: close the eyes when you see something you don't like. Perhaps the only exception I can think of is post WW II Germany. You should be proud to live in a country that's able to face it's past, but don't expect it of the rest of the world.

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In Holland some photographs of srebrenica disappeared too a few years ago. And scandals within the royalty have been covered up as well. It`s about politics not the media. I think the media in Indonesia aren't so bad. Some topics, especially about military operations are politically very sensitive. Covering them up sometimes can make things only worse. But on the other hand the situation on the border of Timor Leste is still tensed as is shown by the shooting of three people at the border and the protests afterwards:,115599,1,0,1136995444.html

Maybe it`s too early for films about Timor.
Salam hangat Bule

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