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Hello people,

I'm an Indonesian who is currently studying Integrated Communication Management at the Hogeschool van Utrecht . I'm majoring in Marketing Communication, although, my study covers every aspect of the communication field including Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Corporate Communication. I will be graduating this summer (June/July 2006), and I am currently seeking employment, right here in the Netherlands. Undertaking a practical work experience here in the Netherlands would mean a lot to me before going back to Indonesia.

My Dutch is reasonable; I am conversant, although I cannot call myself an active participant. I have never taken a formal Dutch course, I learned Dutch autodidactly. The problem is I do not know whether or not an excellent Dutch language skill is necessary in order to get an employment here (or is English enough?), and if so, I am not sure whether or not my Dutch language level is proper enough in order to get such an employment.

Anyway, I have one year of work experience (internship aka Stage); 5 months at SCOMPANY, a student communication consultancy, set up by the faculty of communication and journalism at Hogeschool van Utrecht, and 7 months at Thames PAM Jaya, a subsidiary of Thames Water International in Jakarta.

Please let me know whether or not it is possible for me to be employed here in the Netherlands; concerning job vacancies, nationality, language skill and working permit. Any tips in order to make this happens are highly appreciated.

Thank you. Emoticon: Shiny

Ps. Moderator, don't hesitate to move this thread, in case it is not placed in the right place. I wasn't sure where to actually put it. Thanks Emoticon: Smile

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You might consider looking for American or English companies in the Netherlands, where the office-language is English. Some surfing on the internet will give you the information you need. I will already give you some:
But you better look for yourself, because there are plenty of jobs for you.
Simply type "jobs Netherlands" in Google and your search can begin.
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Beleef Bali van binnenuit , met de mensen die er wonen *

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Cantiara if you want to stay in the Netherlands the best way is to marry someone who earns at least 1.2 times the minimum wage. Im sure the Dutch entrance exam is not hard for you Emoticon: Wink

Gracias. Sama sama

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hello cantiara,

i thinks this reply is too late for you, but....
i can an idea.

better you search for furniture company there, better you become agency of furniture there. and you take furniture from indonesia.

find a company there that move at furniture. i thinks it will have enought prospect. u can be an entepreneur there.

i am here in indonesia as manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture.

if you need some information from me you can contact my mail ghozy_006Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user

have succesfull there.

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Hi Ciantara, well maybe I can give you a tip. I've worked at Buhrmann a.k.a. Corporate Express in Amsterdam Z-O. The main language that is spoken over there is English because it is a headquarter of the world. They also have a lot of expats. So maybe you can check this website otherwise you can find it at google.

Hope you will find job Emoticon: Shiny Greetz

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If you all take a look at the date of publishing this post by Cantiara, you see that the time she did her exams has passed already. Big chance she already left the Netherlands.
Maybe you all are unaware of the fact that you just can apply for a work permit if your salary will be higher than 45.000 euro anual? So if the salary is high enough -and the employer can show that they really need you- you can have a work permit.
Regards. Johan

Begin de details te vergeten

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She can apply from Indonesia if she wants to as well. I am pretty sure about it.
Cantiara, if you are still interested, please try United Nations organisations in the Netherlands. If they are interested with you, they will organise the special working permit for you. Beside of that, the salaries were not taxed like if you were working for companies/NGOs in the Netherlands.

Myself finds it very difficult to enter the real Dutch labour market. I have suitable working experience, master degree from Dutch institute, learning Dutch in Dutch college (and now also in the office) after office hours but so far none of Dutch organisations where I applied, invite me for any interviews. Very much depressing! Emoticon: Angry

At least I am now working with international organisation for almost two years where Dutch is not required at all and no Dutch income taxes least.. Emoticon: Shiny

History does have tendency to repeat itself, it only costs more. (Verleyen)

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