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On 06-05-2007 13:02 indahs wrote:
Oh..oh..this issue! I think it happened to some Indonesians (men or women) who are dating with "bule"!

What happened to Nienke was happened to me as well when I walked with my "blonde blue eyes" Dutchie in Indonesia two years ago. We were experiencing an angry looking middle age woman looking at us and following us in the mall until we reached our car in Jakarta. It was a totally nuts and intimidating!

The worst part was when we were in Kalimantan, Indonesian men shouted behind our back with unfriendly words! We did not even walk hand by hand at that time! We were always trying to be as modest as possible in public but it seemed mixed couple were not fully welcomed in Kalimantan (hopefully "not yet" ).

Additionally, some of Indonesian girls even tried to "flirt" with my Dutchie... Emoticon: Shiny - my Dutchie is one year older than me, so I understand if his looks is attractive to girls. I am fine with this manners but not when they looked angry at us!!

Now we can looked back and laughed about it, but when that was happened, I was so disappointed with such treats from my own society whom I care deeply.

My suggestion for Nienke, just ignore these people. If they can not handle a happy mixed couple then it is their own problem. As long as they dont hit or slap at you...then that would be too much!

BTW, as according to some of my friends from Malaysia and Vietnam who have Dutchie partners, they have experienced the same treats in their home countries when going out public. So, it is not only in Indonesia.

Oh mi god girl, no wonder Malam assumed you as a golddigger.. You might want to change your sweet little "dutchie" pet name.. It sounds like a pet name that an indo girl would give to her Dutch "sugar daddy". I don't want to make any judgment about you as I believe that you may be a sweet girl who's not interested in any foreigners money.. But seriously, throw that "dutchie" word out of the closet, it sounds silly..

One more thing, when you want to talk about your "dutchie" boyfriend some other time, just keep it a low key girl.


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  • " ..... let us use all the fasets of this brilliant/diamond problem .....

  • How about INDOnesian men married or 'having a relation' with European/Caucassian women ??

  • I h'd heard also that here were/are some 'strange reactions' from INDOnesians, whether men or women ....... some INDOnesian friends wanting to 'borrow' their wife (for instance) ......

  • 'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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