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my name is Matthew, I'm a 20 year old studying IT at university in Australia.
I've met this girl from Manado on the internet, I've fallen deeply in love with her.
I'm trying to learn the language with some resources from the university (they used to teach Indonesian). I graduate in 1 year, and I want to be with her and move there. I'm wanting to know what sort of jobs are available there for someone in the IT field, and if not what sort of jobs are there that I could be interested in? Being so far is hard on her and makes her sad.
I've been going over everything in my head over and over.
If anyone has any ideas or advice on my situation, I'm happy to hear them.

Thankyou very much,
Terima Kasih,

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Well, probably there aren't that many jobs available in the IT field in Manado. Mostly jobs which are available are jobs related to tourism like divemasters, dive-instructors and hotel managers.
You are far away from everything and a far way from the capital where they probably could use somebody with IT-knowledge.
Anyway, hopefully somebody can give you a more positive reaction about your chances for a job overthere.

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Matty 'mate'yth.,

Have you already tried to look her up at her place, she is staying in Manado ....
East-INDOnesia has always a lack of 'IT's' what is your specialisation; on the 'hardware' or 'software' side, f.i. .....
Probably our 'one and only webmaster' needs a man 'in the field' .... to test his website ......

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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Better meet the girl in real first before moving to Manado Emoticon: Smile
I think there is no IT personell needed there ( they still use telephone lines to connect to the internet) Jakarta on the otherhand you can find many vacancie''s for you I guess ( ... etc )

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This year also Manado. Nusantara.This year I will visit Indonesia for the 6th time. I decided to visit Manado. Who can give me some suggestions of place's to see in north Sulawesi?
I have already some contact in Menado, but new and extra information is always welcome.
Terimah Kasi. Mister Robert.

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