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Teh Botol is natuurlijk erreh grappig, kouwe thee in een fles, hoe kom je erop. De smaak is echter erg flets. Geef mij maar echte Es teh manis, bij voorkeur bij een RM Padang.Padangers gebruiken vaak een theesoort uit Sukabumi, zit in oranje pakjes, met binnen een loden verpakking erom heen. Daar maken ze zeer sterke thee van die ze om Es teh manis te maken aanlengen met es water en gula (of air tebu) heeft een specifieke smaak.

Mijn favoriete drankje is deze:

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Hey Lon,

Ik had de 'Sari asem asli' liever uit een flesje gedronken...of lig ik nu te sijken Emoticon: Blush Ik heb het al vele malen in de kulkas gehad daaro....doch een botol drinkt lekkerder weg.


Live life to the max.......

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and back to English again. That's how this topic was until three posts back.

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i never drank this...what is the exact taste??? Emoticon: Shut up!

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it's very sweet cold tea in a bottle

Het zou in de wereld heel wat vrediger toegaan als men minder op elkaar zou letten en meer op elkaar zou passen

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Gradually this topic is changing into: What's your favorite indonesian drink...

A great alternative for teh botol which will also satisfy the sweet tooth: Susu-Soda . It only takes a little more effort to make.

Hot Bandrek is also great (you'll like this one Sepp), made from palm sugar (I think) and ginger.

As for teh botol: the only thing I like about it is: available everywhere and cheap... then again, the same goes for aqua and 2-tang Emoticon: Smile

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Cold teh botol,on kuta beach Bali,and then take a nap...and then again teh botol.....oh...paradise!!!! Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Yes!

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Teh botol definitely brings back sweet memories from Indonesia for me. It's rather sweet but so are 'floats' and the normal tea and coffee. Floats, you wonder? Yes, a cola float is a glas of cola with a scoop of icecream. I never tried it though, never appealed to me.
The shape of the bottle, as far as I know, is copied from the Coca Cola bottle. Do you think that it contains the same amount of sugar as any western soda like cola?


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Ive been sucked in by the cool bottle/label a few times but can never drink it.

im with goyang2 when in Indonesia i take advantage of the best cheap fresh juice, papaya,nanas,pisang and melon...mmm

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I recently posted up a story about my experience with my Indonesian friends and their insane loyalty for Teh Botol. It goes something like this:

The Unusual Teh Botol Quibble A Malaysian's Outlook on Indonesian Pop Culture! :)

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Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user profile. goyang goyang
hahahahha,,, Emoticon: Wink

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We always buy tehbotol here in Amsterdam, but they usually sell the packs, not the bottles. Price is EUR 0.45 per pack.
Love 'em, but not as much as I love jus sirsak!

From Dayeuhkolot with love

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drank this stuff on a regular basis when i was in Jakarta.... tasted good :p

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Be careful with driking teh botol every day, there are substances in there which can lead to some problems with your stomach.

My old friend drinks only teh botol 24/7 for decades and now he has stomach problems such as vomiting, cannot drink anything else accept plain water. Also no coffee or tea anymore. - Some people said that formaline is used to conserve the tea (?)
Emoticon: Nooo

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