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Fellow members,

Greetings! Emoticon: Bye bye

Being one interested in discovering less-trodden places, I wish to read up on Pajalele & Watampone before visiting there to film and photograph.

I would thank anyone who could share their knowledge on these two places (places, photos, pictures, websites, tips on events, hotels, restaurants, etc).

I am particularly interested in places and buildings unknown, in romantic setting.

Thanks & regards,
Shanta Somasundaram
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Point me to a place where time has stood still, where directions and street signs don't exist

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Hi Shanta Emoticon: Shiny ,
If I was you I would post your request on this Lonely Planet forum
There are many regular posters on this site who have been to Sulawesi many times like MisterSteve and Henk. Other posters live in Jakarta and know of people who have been to many areas in Sulawesi.
Just recently a poster named Vince has asked about a group of people who live on stilt houses in
He got quite a few answers. Suggest maybe you add to this thread or start your own one.
You could also email Dodo an Internet friend of mine from Sulawesi who takes travellers around the country and he may know of this area.
His email is donow77Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user
(Just mention in your email to Dodo, my name Pamela from Australia.)
A traveller who befriended Dodo a few years back when she travelled with him made a little website about this very interesting man with photos and info'
Hope I have been of some help as I noticed you have asked on many forums with very little response.
Pamela. Emoticon: Shiny

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Hi Shanta,
Just discovered your breath taking photos of Indonesia today.
Particularly loved the Puncak Pass photos of the mist. Experienced the mist on Dec 31st 2004 on my way to Bogor, very scary, could only see less than 1 metre in front, but exciting at the same time.
Here is the link for others to view

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Hi Pamela,

You have given me awesome links and hard-to-find information; thank you ever so much!

I too am a member of the Thorntree site and have posted similar enquiries on Pajalele and Watampone, with limited success. This makes, Pajalele specially, an even more mysterious hide-away to discover, film and photograph Emoticon: Yes! .

The mountainous wilderness is a special appeal to me, just like the beaches and the vast seas are to others. I was mesmerized by the quiet nature, the winding roads and the foggy air of Puncak and Bukit Tinggi. While flying from Padang to Batam, I was awe-struck by a distant mountain-tip sheathed in snow-like white clouds. The helpful air hostess returned from the cockpit, telling me it was Bukit Barisan. All I have got so far is information on wild-life preservation, none on travel hints and where to stay. The search goes on.. Emoticon: Frustrated .

It's good to have you on this forum; thank you again Emoticon: Yes! .

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Point me to a place where time has stood still, where directions and street signs don't exist

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Dear Sir;

I don't kniow you already was in Watampone.I only know there is the palace of the Rajas of Bone and the director is a Dutch speaking important prince,which I know.
Not very well known places.Well,I know much islands of NTT.I have dome there history of the local Rajas.
Yours sincerelly:
DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka.
P.S. Emoticon: Blush etter mail me back for this message AT PUSAKA.TICKRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user profile.TISCALI.NL
Thank you.


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