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Watchdog: Press freedom in Indonesia improving
Indonesia has made further progress in terms of press freedom over the past 12 months, according to Reporters Without Borders' 2005 Worldwide Press Freedom Index. According to the index, made public late last week, Indonesia is ranked 102nd, out of 167 countries surveyed. The country was ranked 117th last year.
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Well well, probably within a century we will have real press freedom here. Untill now the press is still under control of the army, police and their supporters with money.

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Alon alon asal kelakon.
(= step by step)

Bisa dicek mas .

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With a total of 167 countries surveyed this means that Indonesia is a little bit below the average, but not too much and improving.

Still, there's a long way to go...

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On last 17 August 2005, I was in my birthplace, Surabaya, and got a big bundle of KOMPAS special 17 August edition in my room. Hmm, not really interesting I thought, remember some years ago newspapers with special editions only reviewing all success booked by Soeharto. But when I catch one line, I keep on reading, and keep on reading the whole articles in that paper !! It was really interesting, this KOMPAS has reviewed with unbelievably profesionalism in writings, reviewing on how is the fact on Indonesia's growth in 60 years, I was so proud to see it. At least, now I am reading something with value. The fact, the statistic figures are so true, and also what I thought and I felt, I almost crying to read it. It is so touching, Hopefully media's/press will use this opportunity of their "liberation" to work hard to remind young people that they still have to work very very hard to find the way to improve and develop this country. 100% press freedom will be a disaster though, since the understanding of having 100% freedom is still very narrow (could be use in wrong way) and Indonesian's public is not ready with that yet (ability to translate the message into individual perspection is still very low) I would be agree on freedom with responsibility, for nation's sake.

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Name: Imelda
To: Mr. patric-web ct

Since Soeharto’s resignation, citizens of Indonesia felt the freedom of live in this country. No more discrimination between races, no more controlled press. People also have therir rights to choose, to elect the new president with no political issue in it, people could express their interest to the public without any fear to the government, and journalists also feel free to write about the real situation and condition in Indonesia.

It was a progression of Indonesia since Soeharto’s Era. Yet now I did not see that Indonesia as a democratic country adopted a real concept of democracy. It seems that there are several newspapers and television use their power on purposed to influenced public for their own sake.

People with a good education would understand how to interpret the hidden meaning of them. But some people unable to understand what actually their creates behind it. So, Indonesia has to consider that we just make a little progression in maintaining freedom of press.

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the topic above is discussed about the press freedom in Indonesia already take a step further. It is seen from the rank according to the index that shows Indonesia is ranked 102nd, out of 167 countries surveyed. according to above article statement, I think that Indonesia is better know in journalism. It has ben prooved that the government succeed in support the journalist to do their job. By that, it means that its prooved that indonesian's journalistic is more mature and continue to growing to be better.

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